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Kitchen Styles

Team Bowen builds beautiful kitchens in any style! Whether you choose to adopt a farmhouse kitchen style or craft a more modern design, we have the skills to bring your dream kitchen to life. There are five main kitchen styles: modern, traditional, contemporary, farmhouse, and transitional. Each style is defined by distinct materials, layouts, and color schemes. From the kitchen cabinetry to the kitchen lighting fixtures, each element is significant and helps shape the style of the room.
Your options are limitless with Team Bowen! Customers are not restricted to only one kitchen style, and we encourage you to combine features from multiple styles based on your preferences. There are no set rules for a successful kitchen remodel. Customize your kitchen style with a unique selection of features, colors, and materials. We tailor the design to compliment your taste and accommodate your budget. Consult one of our expert designers today to create your unique kitchen style!


The modern kitchen style was established in the early 1950s and found elegance in its minimalism. Efficiency is the central focus in the design, and the kitchen avoids decorations or embellishments. Frameless cabinets with flat panels enhance the sleek and clean design theme. The layout is very linear, with smooth lines and consistent 90-degree angles. The modern design will add sophistication to your kitchen and polish the room.


Traditional kitchens create an elegant and timeless appeal with decorative cabinetry and crown molding. This style is defined by its use of raised or recessed cabinetry, and a muted color palette of cream, grey, or green. Traditionally, the flooring is created from tile, stone, or hardwood.


The contemporary style is influenced by current design trends. It beautifies the cabinetry with embellishments such as cathedral arches, elegant columns, and scroll-work details. Contemporary designers follow modern trends in materials and finishes. Stainless steel kitchen appliances and natural stone surfaces are both common features of contemporary kitchen design.


Farmhouse kitchens use natural materials and apron-front sinks to increase efficiency and generate a rustic style. Stone, wall accents and charming mason jar decorations both strengthen the rustic theme.


Transitional kitchens combine design elements from various styles to create a fresh, new aesthetic. Many transitional kitchens incorporate both natural and manufactured materials, such as wood, stone, steel, and glass. This style is crafted based on customer preference, pulling pieces from varying styles that match their taste.

For more information about our versatile kitchen styles, contact us today! We’re kitchen remodeling experts with over 65 years of experience, dedicated to providing the best-quality craftsmanship for our clients. Start the kitchen remodeling process today!