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Kitchen Remodeling Process

Home remodeling can seem like an overwhelming task… but at Bowen Remodeling & Design we make remodeling worry free! One company handling every step of your project with in house designers, our own installers, plumbing, electric, and our project management team. No miscommunication with Team Bowen!
The Bowen showroom has everything you would need to make all of your selections for kitchen and bathroom remodeling. With 13 fully set up bathrooms, kitchen cabinetry displays, countertops, tiles, and plumbing fixtures, and all the other products under one roof. No running all over town to find each piece.

The kitchen remodeling process has only 4 key steps:

Complimentary In-Home Design Consultation

Designing Your Ideal Kitchen

Design Appointment at Bowen Remodeling & Design Showroom

Finalizing Your Kitchen Project

Team Bowen will walk you through every stage in the kitchen remodel, weighing the impact of all design decisions along the way. We will work with you to create a remodel plan that suits your budget, style, and kitchen size.

Stage 1: Complimentary In-Home Design Consultation

Contact us today for your in-home design consultation! We conveniently visit the client at their home for this first meeting. The client and designer discuss the scope of the remodel, noting details such as the aesthetic, layout, timeline, product preferences, and budget. We obtain detailed measurements to use during the planning process.

Stage 2: Designing Your Ideal Kitchen

Using the information given in stage one, Team Bowen gets to work on the design plan to make your dream kitchen a reality. The design is complex and influenced by many factors. Our design team is thorough and operates with strict attention to detail. We focus on all elements of the kitchen to create the layout for the cabinetry and overall design. Other important factors include the backsplash, flooring, materials, and electrical or plumbing systems.

Stage 3: Design Appointment at Bowen Remodeling & Design Showroom

Clients will visit with our expert design team at the Bowen Remodeling & Design showroom to review the established design layout. After all necessary revisions are made to the layout, clients will select the specific features they want for their kitchen. The details are the key ingredients that make a kitchen remodel perfect. Team Bowen will work with you to select the proper door styles, wood types, finishes, cabinet hardware, sinks, faucets, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and lighting. We will also review the cabinetry layout, style, and material. The showroom is an ideal resource that allows clients to view all possible design elements in one location.

Stage 4: Finalizing Your Kitchen Project

Team Bowen will prepare a detailed proposal that lists all materials selected, the scope of the work, and the total cost of the project. Payments are split into thirds and staggered throughout the project timeline. The first payment is a deposit, the second third is due when the cabinet installation begins, and the final balance is due when the kitchen is completed. Upon signing your proposal, our team will remeasure the kitchen design, order materials, and schedule your project for the Team Bowen installers!

For more information about the kitchen remodeling process, please contact us today! All estimates are free of charge, and we welcome projects big or small. For all design decisions, Bowen Remodeling is here to help! Get started today with your complimentary in-home design consultation!