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Bathroom Cabinetry & Vanities

Bowen Remodeling is a leader in bathroom remodeling. With over 65 years of experience in our arsenal, Team Bowen can tackle any remodeling task! We have the skills and knowledge needed to upgrade your bathroom with strict attention to detail. From the cabinetry to the sinks, every detail of the room shapes the style and defines its aesthetic value.
Disorganization sparks stress and hinders productivity. We will install a cabinet and vanity system in your bathroom to optimize space and reduce clutter. Both of these features are incredibly important for bathroom design. They fulfill your storage needs while enhancing the design of the room. When all items have a designated home, bathroom tasks will become easier, and clutter will be eliminated.

Brand Highlight: Showplace Cabinetry

Bowen Remodeling partners with Showplace Cabinetry to ensure that our customers have consistently high-quality results. Showplace is an American-made cabinetry brand with a semi-custom line of products. There is no additional charge for glazing, and each cabinetry system is tailored to accommodate the bathroom’s distinct layout and style.
Some of our most popular cabinet features include medicine cabinets, floating shelving, and over the john cabinets and framed mirrors. Compact storage spaces will organize your assets without taking up too much space in the room. Our team will work with you to design the best cabinetry system for your bathroom remodel.

We offer a wide array of cabinet designs for our customers, and our options are not limited to Showplace cabinetry. Team Bowen will install most cabinet brands and styles for your bathroom remodel! Consult one of our professional designers to decide what cabinetry type is best for you!

Our Vanity Services

A bathroom vanity is a popular storage system that surrounds the sink. It conceals unsightly pipes and plumbing accessories underneath the sink and provides helpful drawers for organizing toiletries. Our custom vanity designs support all bathroom styles and accommodate all storage needs. We also offer wall hung vanities and open concept vanities.

For more information about our bathroom remodeling products, please contact us today! We will help you select the best bathroom faucets for your distinct style and space. Make your dream bathroom a reality with expert guidance from the Team Bowen!