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Kitchen Countertops

Bowen Remodeling installs beautiful kitchen countertops in a variety of materials and finishes. Our services are versatile, supporting all kitchen styles and client preferences. From timeless granite to low maintenance quartz, all our countertop materials uphold consistent high-quality to boost the visual appeal of the kitchen.

Team Bowen will provide expert insight and guidance throughout all stages of the kitchen remodeling process. We use our experience and knowledge to help clients decide which countertop material best suits their distinct kitchen style and remodeling budget. The six key materials we offer are Cambria, Silestone, Caesarstone, Q, granite, and Wilsonart laminate. Connect with an expert for invaluable kitchen remodeling assistance today!


Cambria is an American-made, maintenance-free countertop material that is perfect for your kitchen! It is pure, natural quartz that mimics the appearance of a variety of stones. Quartz is an incredibly hard material, which is why Cambria has such superior durability. Cambria is non-porous and long-lasting. Select Cambria for your countertop materials to keep your kitchen sleek and glistening for years to come.


Stylish Silestone countertops are incredibly versatile because they can adapt to any kitchen style. The durable material is built from quartz and offered in a wide variety of patterns or colors. Silestone is non-porous, blocking out harmful liquid and air flow. The non-porous and durable nature of Silestone prevents cracks and requires no maintenance.


The countertop material is very dense and does not require any sealant during installation. Its characteristic compactness protects the material from water damage. Whether your kitchen is traditional or modern, Caesarstone can be modified to suit a variety of designs. It is available in several colors, finishes, or patterns.

Q Premium Natural Quartz

Often referred to simply as “Q,” the material is created from both manufactured and natural elements, including quartz and resin. Q retains its glistening beauty for many years to come. It stands up against damage from scratches, stains, or even moisture. Color options are plentiful, supporting a variety of modern designs.


Implementing granite countertops in your kitchen will add value to your home. Granite is a sound investment due to its superior durability. It is resistant to stains and even heat impact. Every granite piece is unique, displaying unique markings that boost its aesthetic appeal. The color will never fade.

Wilsonart laminate

Wilsonart laminate countertops are sustainable and cost-efficient. They’re the perfect choice for a budget constricted consumer. It is affordable, yet maintains consistent, high-quality. Visually, laminate comes in an array of colors or patterns to blend in with any kitchen style.

With over 65 years of experience, Team Bowen is an established expert in kitchen remodeling. We have a proven track record of success in the industry and welcome projects big or small. From the kitchen faucets to the lighting fixtures, all design decisions hold significant weight in shaping the room. Contact us today for more information about our services!