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Bathroom Spaces

Bowen Remodeling provides top-notch remodeling bathroom remodeling process services for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Our team of remodeling experts will bring your dream bathroom to life, reviving each element of the room with strict attention to detail. We’re a trusted resource with over 65 years of experience in the industry. No project is too big or too small for Team Bowen.

Bathroom styles are divided into four key categories: contemporary, traditional, modern, and spa. Each style is distinct and characterized by its material usage, color palette, and features. For example, contemporary bathrooms are defined by sleek lines and geometric patterns, while spa bathrooms focus on sophisticated features that enhance relaxation. No matter what your bathroom style may be, Bowen Remodeling is here to help!

Our services support three types of bathroom spaces: master bathrooms, hall or guest bathrooms, and powder rooms. Each bathroom space differs in size, layout, and accommodations. Additional features are included based on user preferences and the bathroom style.

Master Bathrooms

Team Bowen builds beautiful master bathrooms in any style for our customers! Double sinks are a staple in master bathrooms, giving each person their own space. We offer innovative features to transform the experience, such as lighted mirrors or even heated flooring. From the flooring to the bathtub type, we customize all elements of the room to match customer preferences and bring your vision to life. Your master bathroom will become the most relaxing room in your home with help from Team Bowen!

Hall/Guest Bathrooms

The guest bathroom, also known as the hall bathroom, is a showpiece for your home. It establishes your first impression to guests and should be equipped with all necessities. Create a sleek and memorable bathroom design that dazzles guests! We build and design guest bathrooms with a variety of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art features.

Powder Rooms

The powder room is often the most used bathroom, yet also the least spacious. Keep the design minimal to reduce clutter. A beautifully crafted powder room will make a noticeable impact on the home value. Update the sink and faucets, or change the color palette to upgrade the room.

For more information about the bathroom remodeling process and our bathroom products, please contact us today! From faucets to flooring, we offer endless options in a wide range of styles. Upgrade your bathroom space with Bowen Remodeling and reap the benefits!