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Kitchen Lighting

Use layers of illuminating light to showcase your newly renovated kitchen! Lighting is an essential ingredient for all remodeling projects. It brings the room to life by adding depth, enhancing visibility, and highlighting key design features.

Lighting is split into three distinct categories: ambient, task, and accent. Each lighting category serves a specific purpose. The most dominant form of lighting is ambient lighting, which refers to the general lighting of an area. Ambient lighting generates an overall level of brightness for the room. Accurately named, task lighting highlights spaces designed for specific duties. Typical examples of task lighting include reading lamps or under cabinet lights. Accent lighting aims to heighten depth and concentrate light towards a focal point. Together, all three lighting classifications mold the style and function of the kitchen.

While selecting your kitchen lighting, consider the room’s layout, style, and access to sunlight. These three factors hold tremendous weight and will decide what type of lights to incorporate. Sunlight is inconsistent and lacks the power to light a room fully without assistance. Combine natural and artificial light to create layers of light and boost the room’s aesthetic appeal. Bowen Remodeling offers a wide variety of ambient, task, and accent lights to suit all tastes and budgets.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Versatile under-cabinet lighting is both task and accent lighting. These features are easy to install and energy efficient. They’re available in several bulb types, including Xenon or LED strips, and decrease the number of visible shadows in the room.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights elegantly hang from the ceiling by a type of chain, rod, or cord. They are displayed in groups and come in several styles, ranging from glass pendants to lantern pendants.

Recessed Lighting

The best locations for recessed lights are along walkways, or above the kitchen sink or work area. Recessed lights effectively illuminate the entire area, not just one focal point. They’re installed above the ceiling and therefore not visible from below. Kitchens with low ceilings would benefit from recessed lighting because the fixtures won’t take up space on the ceiling, giving the room the illusion of height.

Toe Kick Lighting

A key example of accent lights is toe kick lights. These lighting fixtures accentuate the room and line the flooring. Toe kick lighting also creates a safe walkway during nighttime, perfect for elderly or handicapped family members. Incorporate toe kick lighting in your kitchen to emulate a lavish feel and prioritize safety.

Bowen Remodeling draws from over 65 years of kitchen remodeling experience to provide the highest quality service for our clients. We believe that every detail of the kitchen remodeling process is influential and help clients with all stages of the process. Our team regards lighting as a top priority due to its ability to shape the room. For more information about our services, please contact us today!