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3 Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home Remodel

 Ensure the safety of your furry friends while your kitchen or bathroom is remodeled

Ensure the safety of your furry friends while your kitchen or bathroom is remodeled!

If you’re living at home during a remodeling project, it’s important to consider the safety of your family. It’s easy to set boundaries and rules for children and spouses, but conveying the message to your pet is not as simple. Ensure the safety of your furry friends while your kitchen or bathroom is remodeled, and follow three pet-friendly tips from Bowen Remodeling & Design

Consider Boarding 

Boarding your pets is an easy way to keep them safe during a remodeling project. Choose a pet daycare that you trust, and schedule their boarding during a heavy-construction period of the project. If you would prefer not to board your pet, ask a friend to care for them during the duration of the remodel. If the construction zone is safe at night, you may only need assistance with your pet during the daytime. 


Communication is the key to any aspect of a remodeling project, whether you’re a homeowner or kitchen designer. During the planning process of the project, be open with your designer and construction team about your pets. Ask them if it’s safe for the pets to remain in the house during the project. If they say yes, sit your entire family down for a safety discussion. Let your spouse, children, or in-laws know that is is their shared responsibility to watch out for the safety of the pets. If your children are capable, assign them the task of babysitting the pets while construction takes place! 

Be Alert 

A remodeling project involves many variables, and there are often small materials that could cause big harm to your pet. Watch out for hazardous items that could harm little paws such as nails and staples. Even if the construction area is zoned off during the project, there may be small items left outside of the room. Be mindful of the construction zone and the surrounding areas, and sweep the area each night to ensure that the coast is clear for your pet. 

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