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4 Bathroom Colors That Whisper “Quiet Luxury”

Spring is the ideal time to refresh areas of your home with a new coat of paint. Choosing new colors will help make your rooms feel more vibrant. For bathrooms this spring, the trend of “quiet luxury” colors may be just what you are looking for.

Silvery Blue

A soft blue with hints of a shimmery silver dancing just as the light hits it is very pretty. If your bathroom is already blue, this is a perfect choice as you won’t have to change your towels, shower curtain or other matching accessories. The silvery blue paint is elegant, and carries that element of “quiet luxury” talked about in design magazines to a perfect T.

Heathered Lavender

Any pastel color that has hints of gray to it is often described as “heathered”. This heathered lavender is exactly that. The lavender hue is just light enough to disguise the gray tone, while the gray tone presents as a sort of warm neutral. Most people don’t like the idea of a lavender bathroom, but when you see this heathered lavender you can see why it’s such a popular color.

Robin’s Egg Aqua

Robin’s eggs aren’t blue. For anyone that has ever seen a robin’s egg, they know it is more of a soft aqua. It is a very serene color with soothing vibes, perfect for a bathroom. It isn’t quite seafoam aqua either, making it just the right tone and color.

Accent Colors

Accent colors are colors you use to create faux effects. For example, gold paint does a nice job of creating faux marble looks or gold leaf appearances on molding. White molding on colored walls with accent colors really dresses up a bathroom to another level. Other accent colors that make things pop include silver, bronze, black (careful with this one as black can dominate), and warm white. If you use an accent color, a little goes a long way. 

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