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4 Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2019

Discover the latest in bathroom design!

Discover the latest in bathroom design!

One of the most exciting home improvement projects you can take on is a bathroom remodel. If you’re putting your home on the market, an updated bathroom is a must and it is a project that pays off in the long run. If you have no plans to list your home, a bathroom remodel is still a great investment because a well-designed bathroom will be more functional and more comfortable. Read on for some trends in bathroom design that you should consider this year as you plan your bathroom remodel.

High-Tech Upgrades

Like many things in the home, bathrooms are going smart. High tech toilets have been trending for a while, with features like automatic lids, seat warmers, bidets, and dryers. This year, expect to see technology in your sinks, showers, and lighting as well. You’ll be able to customize your lighting, preprogram your shower temperature, and listen to tunes from built-in speakers, among other things.

Wood Accents

Warm pallets and wood accents are trending in bathrooms everywhere. Wood pairs well with many colors, since there is a wide variety of wood types and textures. It also compliments both vintage and industrial fixtures. The shift towards warm, natural accents means that there will certainly be wood accents that match the aesthetic available.

Big Tubs And Showers

If relaxing in a hot bath is how you unwind, this bathroom remodeling trend will appeal to you. While other aspects of bathrooms are getting more compact (especially compact storage options), showers and tubs are getting bigger. The large tub trend may not swing back to the jacuzzi tubs that have been popular in the past but expect to see tubs getting more prominent, deeper, and more relaxing. Showers are also trending bigger, or maybe they just feel that way because open shower design feels more spacious. What these showers lack in privacy, they make up for in style and spacious-feel.

Black (Or Pink)

Surprising and bold colors are going to be big this year. Black is going to overshadow grey, which has long been a bathroom favorite. The bold, dark colors will be great for accents or even entire walls. Another surprising choice in bathrooms this year will be pink, but for all-over color, opt for lighter shades of blush. A similar trend will be fixtures in rose gold.

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