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5 Reasons to Include a Kitchen Island In Your Remodel

Bowen remodeling design kitchen island

Adding a kitchen island to your kitchen can provide you with extra space, storage, and seating.

If you are thinking about fully remodeling and renovating your kitchen, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. In fact, the number one key element of a functional kitchen typically involves the decision of whether or not to add a kitchen island to the mix. The reality is, investing in a kitchen island — especially when you have the space to do so — can really enhance the functionality of your kitchen in all circumstances. Ultimately, kitchen islands really are all the rage these days. Here are some excellent reasons that you should absolutely invest in a kitchen island when you embark on a kitchen remodel.

Added Storage Space

One of the most appealing attributes of having a kitchen island is that they include a lot more storage space. In fact, if you are lacking in storage space a kitchen island might just be the best solution that gives you more storage room without dramatically changing your kitchen. When you transform your kitchen by adding an island, your family will love the advantages that this new space brings. 

Casual Seating

Adding some more seating options can really be wonderful for any kitchen. In fact, a kitchen island does provide some excellent casual seating options which can be great for large families — especially ones where there are lots of little kids in the house.

Extra Appliances And Outlets

A kitchen island is incredibly practical. In fact, you can incorporate some more appliances into the mix with the addition of a kitchen island. An island not only provides more counter space, but you can design your new island to have built-in trash cans, dishwashers, sinks, and more.

A Completely Separate Workstation

A kitchen island tends to also serve a purpose as being a totally separate workstation when it comes to preparing meals for everyone. In fact, for entertainers and home cooks, having added space to prepare meals is essential.

An Added Focal Point

Another great reason homeowners invest in kitchen islands is because it becomes the focal point of the home — specifically the kitchen. In fact, a kitchen island can highlight the overall style of the space itself. A beautiful new island can be all you need to dress up your kitchen.

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