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Achieve a Classic Look with a Traditional Kitchen Remodel

Bowen Remodeling Traditional Kitchen Remodel

Traditional kitchens have a timeless aesthetic that will always be relevant and beautiful.

The great thing about tradition is that it never goes out of style. Traditions endure through generations, remaining relevant regardless of what trends come and go. A traditional kitchen remodel is a great investment because, even though it won’t be on-trend, it will also never be trapped as a relic of a bygone era. Its simplicity and clean design elements will keep it a desirable space to be in for generations to come.

Neutral Palette

Traditional kitchens are known for their neutral color palette. Exposed wood is common for a more antique, natural aesthetic while white is common for an updated and clean style of a traditional kitchen. Most traditional kitchens have a light palette, but you can also use dark wood or stain to create a dark traditional palette.

Eye-Catching Countertops

One of the most important pieces of a traditional kitchen is the countertops. This should be a bold statement piece in your kitchen design. Designs such as marble, or anything with a bold, attention-grabbing pattern is quintessential to your traditional kitchen remodel. This is also a good chance to have a custom countertop made to really tie together your kitchen’s overall design.

Glazed Cabinets

Glazing a cabinet is similar to staining wood in that a semi-transparent coating is being applied to accentuate the features of the piece. Glazing differs from staining in that it is applied after a piece is painted to accentuate corners, molding, and intricate design elements. This creates an antique look to the cabinets, giving them the feeling of something aged.

Plain Backsplash

Since the countertop is the showstopper of a traditional kitchen, the backsplash is usually simple and plain. It doesn’t have to be boring, though. You can add a simple design element to elevate it or use a stone backsplash that has a little bit of pizzazz without being over-the-top. Check backsplash ideas against your countertops to make sure they don’t clash if you want to try something with a little bit of extra oomph.

Ornamental Lighting

The main light of a traditional kitchen will be some type of ornate chandelier. This will be the first thing most people see when entering your kitchen and it will be a display of classic antique that ties your space together and really shows off the traditional style. You can add some low-profile modern lighting if the space needs more light, but make sure the chandelier is the centerpiece of your kitchen lighting.

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