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Defining the Traditional Kitchen Design

Defining the Traditional Kitchen Design

Do you love a traditional kitchen design as much as we do? Here’s how to recreate this style for your kitchen remodel!

The traditional kitchen design will always be a popular style in many homes. While an overall grand and refined look typically define the style, the traditional kitchen also incorporates timeless elements that keep the style classic and elegant. A traditional kitchen design strays from other minimal or contemporary designs because of all the emphasis on details and embellishments. Best of all, the traditional style retains it’s functional capabilities while creating a charming and old-world appearance. The following are some elements of conventional traditional kitchen design and how you can incorporate it into your kitchen remodel!

Eye-catching Centerpiece

Every traditional kitchen has some immediate attention-grabbing focal point in its design. This is because the traditional style draws influence from grand architectural details, antiques, or lavish furnishings. In a kitchen, carved detail-laden stove hoods, kitchen islands, or unique cabinet doors can act as that eye-catching centerpiece. Of course, you can choose to draw emphasis to multiple areas of the kitchen at once, but make sure the design is balanced and coordinated to prevent it from looking too gaudy.

Look of Furniture

You can add actual pieces of furniture to your traditional kitchen, like a china cabinet or a bookshelf for recipe books, or you can create the illusion of furniture. Pick a kitchen island design that contrasts from the design of your cabinets or counters, such as a different color or material. Also, opt for carved legs on the island as well to give it the appearance of a freestanding piece of furniture. Even strategically carved trims or toe-kick designs for your lower cabinets can give it the appearance of thoughtfully selected, freestanding furniture.

Timeless Color

Traditional kitchens use classic, timeless color schemes. Neutrals like white and beige are a staple in this design, paired with stony patterns like marble or light granite. Any shade from pale to deep wood colors are fabulous pairings with the light, neutral colors. What’s more, a wood constructed island base or wood floors are on-trend ways to achieve the traditional look. Lately, blue has been a popular shade many homeowners like incorporating into their kitchen design.

Decorative Lighting

Antique-like chandeliers or pendant light fixtures are other eye-catching elements one can incorporate into the traditional kitchen design. Chandeliers instantly add old-world elegance to any room. Additionally, these ornate fixtures tend to use a wrought metal look for a vintage effect.

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