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Design Ideas for a Custom Walk-In Shower

Design Ideas for a Custom Walk-In Shower

When you design a custom walk-in shower with Bowen Remodeling, the possibilities are endless!

When you think about designing your dream bathroom, did it come with a luxurious tub that you can enjoy a sudsy soak in every night? Well, not to burst your bubbles, but while a large tub is a wonderful addition in many bathrooms, people today simply don’t have time to take baths in the tub regularly. However, your bathroom can still give you a spa-like experience with a perfectly designed custom walk-in shower! Check out these ideas to inspire your next bathroom remodeling project, and give Bowen Remodeling a call today!

Shower In Light

When you’re showering in relaxing hot water, you can further refresh yourself when you fill the custom walk-in shower with light. Glass doors are an excellent way to start. Add a window or a skylight into your shower enclosure to soak in some sunlight. Privacy glass helps to protect your modesty while an open window is practical for letting out excess steam after a particularly hot shower.

Make It A Steam Room

If you give up the bathtub, you may be able to make room for another amenity. Convert your custom walk-in shower into a steam room. A safe steaming offers people plenty of health benefits, and on top of that, it’s a great way to relax in your private sauna.

Wall Seat

Regardless of whether you convert your shower into a steam room or not, be sure to add wall seating. Shower seating lets the user take a moment to sit and relax. It’s also great for propping up a leg for shaving or holding your soaps and shampoo bottles. A shower seat is also helpful for older adults or those living with mobility issues. 

Dry Bar and Shelf

If the shower is large enough, consider adding a dry bar in the custom walk-in shower for holding your towels. The heat from your shower or steam is sure to warm up your bath linens so that it’s not so hard to leave your bathroom haven. Building a shelf into the shower enclosure is an often overlooked idea. Without a tub ledge for holding your bath products, people end up placing these items on the shower floor, taking up the already limited space.

Multi Showerhead

Why hold your custom walk-in shower to just one shower head? Install a variety of showerheads and jets to give yourself a different showering sensation each time. Rainfall showerheads are famous for mimicking the calming feeling of rain. A shower panel includes multiple jets that provide the user a head or body massage. And, of course, don’t forget to add an ever-useful hand-held shower head attachment.

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