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Is Stacked Stone Right For Your Remodel?

Bowen Remodeling & Design Stacked Stone

If you’re wanting to upgrade the interior of your home, consider using stacked stone as a way to add natural materials with a majestic feel.

There are a lot of amazing options when it comes to interior design. For walls, there’s wallpaper, paint, tile, wood, and other materials available to achieve the best look and feel for your home. However, there’s also stacked stone. Stacked stone is a veneer option that you can choose to have fabricated or made using natural stone. It works well for both indoor and outdoor uses—we’re going to focus on the benefits of using it in interior design.


Whether you choose fabricated stone or natural stone, a stacked stone veneer is made to be durable. Fabricated veneers are treated to make them resistant to damage and staining. A natural stone veneer is made of real stone, so it is naturally durable. Natural stone has the potential to outlast fabricated stone, but both of these options will last a very long time, regardless of which room you have them installed in.


There’s no mistaking how good stacked stone looks when applied to your interior design appropriately. Natural stone has an ageless, elegant, and majestic appearance to it that can’t be replicated by any other material, and it’s a hard look to beat. It can be added to any room of your home for an instant facelift that gets everyone talking.


Stacked stone can be installed in almost any room of your home. You can use it as a kitchen backsplash, install it on the back wall of your shower, or add it as an accent in your living room, bedroom, or even home office. Stacked stone is safe to use even in kitchens and bathrooms where it will regularly get wet, so there’s no real need to hold back when deciding where you’d like to have it installed. It will work well pretty much anywhere.

Home Value

Having a stacked stone veneer in your home can actually raise your home value. While the rise in value won’t be extensive, it will give your home’s desirability a bump as well. More buyers will be interested in a home with a nice stacked stone veneer, and more competition means that your home will be more likely to sell close to the asking price. The better the installation, the more desirable it will be to potential buyers.

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