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Should You Remodel Your Guest Bathroom?

Bowen Remodeling Guest Bathroom

Remodeling your guest bathroom is a way to help your guests feel comfortable and welcome.

When it comes to bathroom remodels, the master bathroom is the popular choice. Obtaining that perfect master bath helps you reach the pinnacle of luxury by offering you a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place to de-stress. All too often, the guest bathroom is nearly forgotten and is left to remain a sterile, functional space that does nothing to help guests feel comfortable or welcome in your home. So, should you remodel your guest bathroom?

Welcome Your Guests

Your guest bathroom is where your friends and family will go to unwind when they’re staying with you, so it should be a bright and welcoming space that helps them feel comfortable. If your bathroom is dated, dark, or not in the best shape, it might be time to consider a remodel. Having a light, neutral palette will keep the room looking bright, clean, and elegant. Adding decorations and design elements that complement the space will make it even better. Decor such as plants and artwork will keep the space from feeling sterile.

Give it Personality

In the interest of keeping your guest bathroom from feeling sterile, a remodel can be used to spice up the design and decoration. Swap an old fiberglass tub out for a standing shower, update the tile and flooring, and maybe even choose a new vanity that suits the new design and fits the space better. Accenting the neutral palette with a pop of color such as blue, green, or even a soft pink will make the guest bathroom even more inviting and enjoyable. From there, add decorations that elevate the look of the space and help it feel lived-in. Giving your guest bathroom a touch of personality will make it feel more like it’s in a home and less like it’s in a hospital.

Make it Easy to Navigate

Guests who aren’t around very often won’t necessarily know where you store everything. When it’s time to find a towel or a new roll of toilet paper, they might not know where to look if everything is hidden away. For this reason, open storage is often recommended in a guest bathroom. Choosing an open vanity can help with this, and wall shelving can also be used to store things in the open so that it’s easy for your guests to find what they need. It should be simple and easy to maintain while remaining visually appealing.

Call Bowen Remodeling & Design

Are you ready to remodel your bathroom? The team at Bowen Remodeling & Design can help! We make your dream bathroom a reality with our simple, four-step bathroom remodeling process. 

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