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Why You Should Go For An Open Shelving Kitchen

Why You Should Go for an Open Shelving Kitchen Bowen Remodeling

Unlike the traditional closed cabinets where you could hide your mess, open shelves expose all your kitchen weaknesses.

Open shelving kitchens are gaining traction in kitchen remodeling. Most homeowners are opting for the open shelves over the closed cabinets. The open shelving kitchen displays your dishes in an artful and attractive style making your kitchen look more appealing.

So, if you are a collector or décor person, an open shelving kitchen may be your jam since you can showcase your collections and décor right on the kitchen shelves. That said, let’s discuss why you need an open shelving kitchen!


Unlike the traditional closed cabinets where you could hide your mess, open shelves expose all your kitchen weaknesses. So, it would help if you kept all your dishes clean and organized. Also, you may need to upgrade to the modern touch and get several decors to enhance your kitchen shelves.


Open shelving kitchen displays your dishes, spices, and other kitchen items perfectly, making them more accessible. Even a guest can access any item at a glance and with ease.


The traditional closed cabinets can hide classic attractive wall treatment. For instance, they can conceal classy paintings, wall art, or décor. Whereas open kitchen shelving exposes all the wall aspects, thus revealing the wall treatments and decors attractively.


One of the expensive aspects of kitchen remodeling is installing the cabinets. However, open shelving is cheaper than installing closed cabinets. So, you can consider installing the open shelving to save some money. 

Great For Collectors

An open shelving kitchen should be your jam if you are a great collector. The kitchen set-up gives you room to display your collection artistically and enjoy looking at them every time. You can go for a few décor pieces, cutlery, beautiful dishes, or classic vignettes.

Brightens Your Space

Open kitchen shelvings open up your space, making it appear bigger and brighter. On the other hand, a closed cabinet may make your kitchen appear clumsy, darker, and less attractive. 

Easy To Organize

With an open kitchen shelving, every item is accessible and quickly put back in its designated spot. So, even a guest can use your kitchen and return all the items used back into their spots. 

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