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Winter Kitchen Remodeling Design Tips to Consider

Winter Kitchen Remodeling Design Tips to Consider

Winter is a terrific time for indoor renovation projects since costs can be lower and scheduling is easier, and a kitchen remodel is no different.

If you’ve been contemplating a kitchen remodeling project, don’t put it off any longer. Winter is a terrific time for indoor renovation projects since costs can be lower and scheduling is easier, and a kitchen remodel is no different. If it’s time to stop dreaming and start planning, these kitchen remodeling design tips can help.

Choose Comfortable Seating for Kitchen Remodeling

Many people default to hard, wooden chairs for the kitchen, but you don’t have to. You want the seating in your home to be comfortable and inviting – why should the kitchen be any different? Choose chairs that will be comfortable and safe for your family and guests, regardless of age or size.

Double Your Island

If you have the space, consider doubling your kitchen island space by enlarging it or actually planning for a second island. This will give you plenty of space to prep and possibly even cook on your island, but also have other activities going on. Those beautiful quartz countertops can be a great place for the kids to get homework done.

Plan For Usability through Kitchen Remodeling

We use the kitchen for more than just cooking. Plan space in your kitchen for all of the activities that go on there or that you want to go on there. It is okay to designate a nook to organize and pay bills if you always end up doing it there anyway. Some families even watch TV in the kitchen, so why not add a TV – make the space work for your life.

Open That Floor Plan for Kitchen Remodeling

Speaking of making the space work for your life, open floor plans remain popular for a reason. If you need to be able to keep an eye on another part of the house while you work in the kitchen, an open floor plan is a great solution. The kitchen doesn’t have to be hidden away anymore.

Customize Cabinets 

If you’re customizing your new kitchen to meet your needs, your cabinetry should come along too. Sometimes the design of ready-made cabinetry works great, but if you have specialty sized items or special uses in mind, custom is the way to go. Even if you don’t need unique features on your cabinets, having a unique style can make your new kitchen feel even more special.

Make Accents Pop

Most kitchens aren’t going to be a rainbow of colors on the walls, floors, and cabinets, but that doesn’t mean that color isn’t an option. Add pops of color with your accents, like chair cushions or plates, and you can have as much colorful flair as you want – or change it up as often as you like without hassle. 

Call Bowen Remodeling & Design

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