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3 Common Bathroom Remodel Myths

Bowen Remodeling & Design Bathroom Remodel Myths

There are a few common bathroom remodel myths that make people feel like it’s not worth it, but you might be surprised by the value of a bathroom remodel for your home.

If you’re considering investing in a bathroom remodel, you might be worried about some common misconceptions that tend to keep people from taking the leap. The reality is that a bathroom remodel can do a lot of good for both your property and you, so don’t hesitate to discuss your options with a contractor you trust.

You Won’t Recoup the Value

A lot of people forego having a professional remodel done on their bathroom because they assume that the cost simply isn’t worth it based on the idea that the cost cannot be recouped when the home is sold. While it’s true that a bathroom remodel won’t equate to marking up the value of your home in the amount you spent, the reality is that a bathroom remodel will pay you back in several ways.

  • The money you spend on a bathroom remodel can’t be added to your home value dollar-for-dollar, but it will go a long way in raising your home value to some degree and maintaining that value for a longer period of time. Dated bathrooms will drag the value down significantly and be harder to sell as potential buyers have to determine how much they’ll have to spend to remodel an old bathroom that isn’t up to snuff.
  • Old plumbing, areas that have been damaged, and other issues can do a lot to drag your bathroom down and make it an unpleasant space to be in. A remodel refreshes your bathroom, and it’s a good chance to repair and replace a lot of your dated or broken pieces.
  • There are more eco-friendly and economical options than ever before that can be added to your bathroom during a remodel. While a remodel might be a large investment, choosing these options can help you to save money in the long run. Over the years, the remodel might even end up paying for itself.

It Doesn’t Add Functionality

If a bathroom functions, then it doesn’t need a remodel… right? Well, that’s not always the case. While it’s true that a large-scale remodel will put some effort into making the bathroom more relaxing and luxurious, most remodeling projects also factor in additional functionality or ways to make the current functionality better. For example, let’s say you have a small master bathroom that is still sporting a standard fiberglass tub and shower. Having a custom curbless shower designed and installed during a remodel can make the experience more comfortable, elevate the look of the bathroom, make it more accessible, and provide a better layout that permits more space for cabinetry and other organization. The whole space benefits from this one change.

You Can’t Afford a Remodel

A bathroom remodel isn’t necessarily in the cards for everyone, but many people think they can’t afford one when they absolutely can. It’s important to consider what upgrades your bathroom needs and discuss it with a contractor that you trust. Many people assume that the majority of bathroom remodeling projects are large-scale remodels that cost upwards of $10,000. Sometimes a large-scale project is the answer, but that’s not always the case. You can keep costs down by purchasing your own items, choosing less expensive options, and remodeling fewer areas of your bathroom. If all you need is a custom shower or updated cabinetry, there’s no reason to feel pressured to overhaul your entire bathroom. Every remodeling project is unique, and smaller remodels can still have a big impact.

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