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Tiling Tips for Small Bathrooms

Bowen Remodeling & Design Tiling Small Bathrooms

Choosing tiling for small bathrooms requires some special considerations to keep the space from feeling claustrophobic.

If you’re due for a bathroom remodel and you either want to switch to tile or change out your old tile for something new, there are some tips we can offer for tiling a small bathroom. Ultimately, what you choose will be up to you. Every bathroom will benefit from a different design, and your own personal preferences will always play a part in what works best for your space. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to discuss your options with your remodeling contractor.

Large Tiles

The best option for most small bathrooms is large tiles that are either square or rectangular in shape. This will work whether the tiles are light or dark. Light tiles create a bright, reflective space that can feel very airy and open. In contrast, dark tiling can create a dramatic contrast, but it won’t necessarily make the space feel claustrophobic if done correctly. Choose the option that works best for your preferred aesthetic. Another great way to visually expand your bathroom is to have the tiling from your floor applied to your walls for a cohesive look. You can tile all of the walls or create a stunning design by applying it only to one wall. This is a common design choice in custom showers with tiling that goes from the floor to the ceiling.

With rectangular tiles, you can have them laid out in a way that it lengthens the bathroom floor, visually extending the space. For square tiles, one of the ways you can play with design and spacial perception is to lay them diagonally. Large square tiles can keep the space from feeling too small, but small tiles are still an option. Bold, decorative patterned tile is also a great option that can expand the space while creating a dramatic and stunning look.

Small Tiles

For small tiles, the best options are decorative, patterned tiles. A small pattern repeated frequently throughout the room can create the illusion of a larger space. In particular, mosaic tiles are some of the best for this application and will create an aesthetically pleasing and visually larger bathroom, no matter how small it is.

Which is Better?

Large tiles or small tiles—neither option is necessarily superior to the other. Ultimately, which option you choose to go with will be determined by your own personal taste, your bathroom layout, and recommendations made by your remodeling contractor. 

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