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5 Benefits of a Built-in Bookcase

Bowen Remodeling Built-In-Bookcase

A built-in bookcase makes the most of dead space while integrating storage and display into your home’s design.

There’s no denying how nice a quality built-in bookcase is. They are great at amplifying the design and majesty of any room they’re in while offering ample space to store and display books, pictures, and precious items. If you have an area of your home that is awkward and non-functional, a built-in bookcase might be what it needs to really stand out and have a purpose.

Fully Custom

A built-in bookcase will be made to your specifications, making it perfect for your needs. Make it mesh with the rest of your home’s design through the many customization options. Choose what kind of wood to use, whether to paint it or stain it, how deep it is, how tall it should be, the distance between shelves (or make them modular), if it should have doors or be open, and whether or not it should have lighting. The possibilities are endless!

Utilizes Dead Space

If you have areas in your home that aren’t really doing anything, a built-in bookcase might be the perfect fit. Areas to the sides of a fireplace, or an alcove in a room, are just a couple of the many dead spaces you can find in your home. If these spaces aren’t serving any purpose or even just look bland, having a custom built-in bookcase can be just what your space needs to really shine and find a way to be useful.

They’re Safer

Free-standing bookcases are actually a safety hazard. These kinds of bookcases are usually anchored with a small strap to the wall at the top of the unit. However, sometimes people don’t anchor the bookcase, and even with the strap, it’s not as safe as a built-in bookcase. With enough force, the anchor of a free-standing bookcase can be torn from the wall. Without it, it wouldn’t take much pull at all to bring it down. A built-in bookcase will never fall on you, so it’s the safer option.

Raise Home Value

Built-in bookcases, when done right, are a good investment that will raise the value of your home. Making sure it’s attractive, luxurious, and that it feels like it was always part of the house will go a long way in making sure it adds a significant boost to the value of your home. 

Add a Lot of Storage

Unsurprisingly, having a built-in bookcase installed will greatly increase your storage and display space. Whether you want to display a beautiful collection, have a place for your books, or showcase some special items, a built-in bookcase will provide ample space and save your room from becoming cluttered.

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