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Tips for a Tiny Bathroom Remodel

Bowen Remodeling Tiny Bathroom Remodel

Make the most of a small space with a tiny bathroom remodel.

Tiny bathrooms are a common conundrum for many homeowners. They lack storage, they’re difficult to maneuver in, and they just feel cramped whenever you’re in them. Thankfully, there are some clever ways you can use a tiny bathroom remodel to create a more visually open and welcoming space.

Keep It Light

Your tiny bathroom remodel should include a fresh coat of paint in a very light color, especially a white or off-white. This might sound boring, but it will create the illusion of a bigger bathroom. If you’re not a fan of the sterile look, add depth to the room with bold accents. Choose towels and countertop products in a vibrant color to reflect your style, and change them out for a different look whenever you want to shake it up.

Get a Big Mirror

Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of extra space, so get the biggest one that will fit in your tiny bathroom. Don’t stop at width, opt for a mirror that is as wide and as tall as you can get it. The height will visually raise your ceiling while the width will visually push out your walls. The bigger the mirror, the more visual space it creates.

Eliminate Corners

Tiny bathrooms are prime real estate for bruised arms and hips. Opt for rounded sinks and cabinetry to lower the risk of abuse to your extremities and make your bathroom more comfortable to be in. Constantly banging against corners while trying to use your bathroom will quickly make you aware of just how small and confined it is. By eliminating corners, you’ll eliminate the risk of bruises and the overwhelming realization that your bathroom is too small.

Shower Door

If you have a hinged shower door in your tiny bathroom, ditch it. It’s a pain to try to maneuver into a shower with a swinging door in a tiny bathroom, and it eats up the entire space every time you open it. Opt for a sliding shower door instead. In a master bath, you can also consider a walk-in shower with a glass or frosted glass design. Both of these options will go a long way in opening up your bathroom and making it more comfortable to get in your shower.

Entrance Door

If the entrance door to your bathroom opens inward, ditch it. Choose to have a pocket door installed, or simply change the hinges so the door swings outward. Same as the shower door, any door that swings into your tiny bathroom is a problem. These eat up all of the space inside and make it difficult to maneuver. A pocket door can also be made with frosted glass for a master bathroom, which does more to visually open the space.

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