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Bathroom Remodel: Freestanding or Built-in Tub?

Bowen Remodeling Freestanding or Built-in

The choice between a freestanding or built-in tub comes down to your desires and circumstances.

When it’s time to take on that bathroom remodel you’ve always wanted there’s a critical question that needs to be answered: freestanding or built-in? Your bathroom is a space reserved for relaxation, so it’s critical to invest in a tub that will elevate the look, feel, and comfort of your bathroom. A bathtub that looks stunning while offering the best functionality for your needs will help you create the perfect place to melt the stress of the day away.


Built-in bathtubs are the old standby of tubs, but that doesn’t mean they’re outdated. These bathtubs have several advantages over freestanding tubs and can be the best option depending on your needs and circumstances.


The main advantage of built-in tubs is that they make efficient use of your space. These tubs are contained by at least 2 walls and are built into a corner or nook. Some are left as-is, while others have a surround installed. Even with a surround, these tubs require less space than freestanding tubs, so they’re the best option for a smaller or oddly-shaped bathroom.


If you need to be able to attach a shower to your tub, you’ll need a built-in. While some freestanding tubs come with a small shower head, it’s difficult to make them usable as a shower. Built-ins can easily accommodate a tension rod and curtain if needed, with the ability to hook up a showerhead from one of the side walls.


Even with a surround installation, built-ins tend to be the more affordable option. They are usually hooked up to existing plumbing and the base tub will cost significantly less than a freestanding tub. You can achieve a well-designed bathtub for a lower investment by choosing a built-in bathtub.


Freestanding tubs are all the rage right now, and it’s not difficult to see why. They add elegance and charm to your bathroom by eliminating the rigidity of a built-in tub. Freestanding tubs have a softer aesthetic that makes them a joy to have in any bathroom.


Freestanding tubs are incredibly stylish. They have a lot of room to play with curves, finishes, and styles so that the perfect tub exists regardless of the bathroom’s overall design. It is a great conversational piece and you’ll love looking at it every day. 


One of the greatest strengths of the freestanding tub is the freedom it enjoys in its design. Since these tubs aren’t held down by walls, they come in a wide array of sizes, colors, finishes, and styles. You can go for an elegant claw-foot tub or choose a jetted freestanding tub that sports a soft but modern look. No matter what your design plans are, there is a freestanding tub that will look amazing in your bathroom.


Even though plumbing will need to be installed to accommodate most freestanding tubs, the installation is a lot easier than for a built-in. Since a built-in will likely need to have a surround installed, it requires more contractors and more work to complete.

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