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Bathroom Remodeling Pitfalls to Avoid

Bathroom Remodeling Pitfalls to Avoid

Here, we lay out a few pitfalls homeowners should be mindful of and try to avoid with their upcoming bathroom remodeling project.

Bathroom remodeling can be a tricky thing. You’re excited about the style and design changes to come but could risk overlooking some critical aspects of your bathroom remodeling project’s planning phase. Here, we lay out a few pitfalls homeowners should be mindful of and try to avoid with their upcoming project. Reach out to our team at Bowen Remodeling & Design for your bathroom renovation and remodel.

Lackluster Lighting Design

In a bathroom remodeling project, lighting should never be left as an afterthought. A good lighting system not only elevates your bathroom’s appearance, but it’s quite necessary for a functional bathroom design as well. If your bathroom isn’t well-lit, it could give off a drab and dingy feel, something you don’t want in a relaxing and clean bathroom environment. Given how imperative good lighting is when residents apply makeup, shave, or cleanse, homeowners should give plenty of thought to creating a layered lighting design.

Using Only the Vanity for Storage

While having the perfect vanity installed into your bathroom remodeling project is critical because it provides valuable storage space, a vanity doesn’t have to be a homeowner’s only option for storage needs. If a bathroom is space-permitting, consider different areas to incorporate a storage solution like custom cabinets or build a small closet. To avoid this problem from the get-go, don’t let style distract you from considering the practical aspects of how you will navigate the finished bathroom remodel.

Doors That Swing and Slam

Another common issue for many bathroom remodeling projects in the early stages is forgetting to account for the door swing clearance of either the bathroom door or the cabinet doors. If you open these doors and hear it slam against something, that tells you you may not have been thorough enough with your placement planning. Sometimes, this can’t be helped in a confined space like a smaller bathroom or powder room. For an alternative to traditional swinging doors, consider sliding doors or pocket doors.

Having a Toilet in Full View

Although the toilet is one of the key amenities in a bathroom, it shouldn’t be the first and most prominent thing you see when you first enter the bathroom. Also, you should consider the sight lines from other parts of your home to the bathroom entrance to make sure the toilet isn’t visible. A water closet in a master bathroom could be just the trick, while a full or half wall could create enough of a partition.

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