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More Small Bathroom Design Tips

More Small Bathroom Design Tips

Our team at Bowen Remodeling & Design would love to help transform your small bathroom design to improve its look and utility.

Completing a small bathroom remodel is one of the more quick and practical projects homeowners can do to boost their home value. Our team at Bowen Remodeling & Design would love to help transform your small bathroom design to improve its look and utility. Small bathroom design can pose some challenges given size constraints. However, we have a few more tips to get you thinking about ways to optimize a small bathroom without sacrificing style.

Space-Saving Bathroom Sink

Pedestal sinks are trendy and useful in small bathroom design, but admittedly they are more suited for hallway bathrooms and powder rooms. If you’re looking for some space-saving bathroom sink vanities, consider making use of a corner sink. Rather than have a sink occupying the center or portion of a wall, relocate the vanity to fit an often unused corner. Another good idea for more modest-sized bathrooms is to use a wall-mounted trough sink.

Vanity with Rounded Corners

When maneuvering in a small space, occasional bumps and bruises are sure to happen. If the floor plan cannot be opened up, the next best thing is to reduce hazards. The sharp corners of a bathroom vanity can be bothersome if you always bump your hips, but it can be especially dangerous in an accidental slip-and-fall scenario. Luckily, there are plenty of gorgeous and space-saving styles of rounded-corner vanities to choose from for your small bathroom design.

No More Swinging Doors

Swinging doors take up valuable space. Short of turning the entry door into a sliding pocket door, you can try to install a regular hinged door that swings out instead of into the bathroom space. Within the small bathroom design, get rid of the hinged shower door and switch it out for a shower enclosure with a sliding door instead. This is far more elegant and equally space-saving as using shower curtains. Consider using open shelves beneath your bathroom vanity, which can further free up space by not using swinging cabinet doors.

Large Patterned Tiles

Tiling is very popular in bathrooms. For your small bathroom, add visual interest and create the illusion of a widened space by installing bathroom tiles that use large patterns. This can be done through the individual tile design, or by the placement and geometric designs you can come up with. Large patterned tiles, when done correctly, can add a fresh flair or bold new vibe to your small bathroom.

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