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Bathroom Renovation Timeline Factors

Bathroom Renovation Timeline Factors

Bathroom renovation projects can have unpredictable timelines. What should you factor into your planning process?

When you envision your dream bathroom design, you can’t wait to get started so that you can finish sooner! However, a bathroom renovation, whether for a large master bath or a tiny powder room, can run longer — or shorter — than expected, depending on a few factors. Sticking to a realistic bathroom renovation schedule obviously saves homeowners time, but it can also save them money. Keep these bathroom renovation time factors in mind when budgeting time for your project.

Scope of Project

The scope of your bathroom renovation will be a significant determinant for how long the project timeline will last. Cosmetic changes to the sink vanity or floor tiles take less time to complete than doing an overhaul of the placement of plumbing and fixtures. More involved and complex projects will take significantly more time to finish, but that should be expected. You don’t want to cut corners and run into bigger (more costly) problems later.

Material Availability

After you finally decide on which particular ceramic tile you want to install for your bathroom renovation, you need to order the materials and wait for their arrival. Sometimes, the material can be out-of-stock or run into delays with delivery. This is often out of our control. Now you are left waiting for a restock, or you’re starting from the beginning and choosing another material. Picking a different material can easily take you over-budget, as well.

Waiting and Inspection Times

While the actual tasks themselves may take very little time to complete, we need to allot time in the project schedule to complete inspections or wait for things to dry before moving onto the next step. Take these in-between times into account. For example, it may take an hour to paint the walls of fresh drywall, but a whole day for the paint to dry. Afterward, you still need to wait for the inspector’s approval before moving on to the flooring.

Planning Effort

By planning out each detail, you can create a realistic and do-able project timeline. This way, when you make your arrangements for different phases of the bathroom renovation, there is a steady transition from one task to the next, with as little waiting time in between.

The Team You Work With

Most importantly, the design and contracting team you work with can make a huge difference in your project timeline. If you hire Bowen Remodeling & Design, our team of in-house designers and installers can coordinate every phase of your project seamlessly. Your project will be fast-tracked to completion without letting any detail get overlooked. This comprehensive project management can help cut down your project timeline dramatically.

Call Bowen Remodeling & Design

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