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How to Choose Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

How to Choose Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

With so many options, how can you choose the best kitchen backsplash tiles for your home?

Possibly the most intimidating part of a kitchen remodel is how many decisions there are to be made. From tiles and paint to flooring and appliances, there are tons of options for any homeowner to juggle. The kitchen backsplash is no exception to this. Backsplash tiles are often the focal point of a kitchen’s design scheme, so making the right choice for your remodel can be difficult. In order to settle on the perfect kitchen backsplash, consider all your available options as well as how it will play into your other kitchen design elements. Here are our tips for finding the perfect kitchen backsplash tiles for your next remodel.

Material Options

When it comes to choosing the right kitchen backsplash, there are so many available materials out there that many homeowners can find themselves paralyzed by choice! It’s a good idea to start with the overall design when considering the type of tile that will work best in your kitchen. Whether you decide on hand-painted tile, ceramics, or even brick, the material you choose should work with your personal style and the overall design scheme of your remodel. For example, a rustic kitchen with hardwood flooring might benefit from a brick backsplash, while contemporary chic remodels may call for a matte finish on ceramic tile.

Consider Your Countertops

While your backsplash should reflect personal preference, it’s also important to consider whether it will match or clash with your kitchen counters. After all, your countertops will be right up against the kitchen backsplash, so keep the countertops in mind when deciding on what will look best. If your countertops are a colorful statement piece in your kitchen, then you may want to go with neutral backsplash tiles or more minimalistic design. Similarly, bold backsplash tiles may complement a neutral countertop.

Consider Backsplash Height

Unfortunately, the backsplash height is a detail that’s forgotten all too often. When choosing the tile, consider the size of the actual tiles and the scale of any design you select, since these factors will impact how tall your backsplash will end up. Of course, the bottom of your kitchen cabinets or shelving is a good rule of thumb for choosing backsplash height, so be sure to measure this distance to pick backsplash tiles that will look beautiful in your kitchen and work within the space.

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