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Creating Your Bathroom Design Wishlist

Bowen Remodeling Bathroom Design Wishlist

If you’re having a bathroom remodel done, you should work up a bathroom design wishlist to stay organized and keep your remodel on track.

When you’re planning a bathroom remodel, it can be overwhelming trying to determine what you want the final iteration of your bathroom to look like. A bathroom design wishlist will come in handy here because it allows you to break down your needs and wants, giving you an opportunity to carefully and methodically plan out your bathroom remodel.


One of the most difficult rooms to plan storage for is typically the bathroom. Generally, storage needs are very particular to the person. Some people might not have a lot of items in their bathroom, while others will have extensive amounts of items that require storage.

Most people will have the basics: shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. This also typically includes medications, first aid items, and other basics. However, some people may have extensive hair clips, a big jewelry collection, a large amount of makeup, and other items that require extra storage space. One of the best things you can do to get the best results from your bathroom remodel is to take inventory of what you need storage for in your bathroom. Go over it with your contractor or designer in order to create the perfect storage solutions for your needs.

Your bathroom design wishlist can include a nice shower niche to hold your bathing basics, then you can decide on storage options for everything else. This can include wall shelving, a recessed medicine cabinet, or vanity drawers for better organization.

Ease of Use

A bathroom needs to be functional and user-friendly. It’s a place to relax and unwind, so it should be designed to maximize your ability to operate without stress. Your bathroom design wishlist should consider items and design options that promote ease of use while you’re in the bathroom. Put your towel rack in an easy-to-reach place, make sure you have enough space even when you’re using your bathroom at the same time as your partner by utilizing clever vanity design, get your toilet paper roll in the optimal place—it may seem minor, but these little boosts to quality of life in your bathroom will make a noticeable difference.

Additional Features

Consider any additional features you might want to add to your bathroom design wishlist. These can be as simple as a shower bench for better accessibility or as complicated as heated floors for the ultimate spa experience every time you step out of your shower. There is no limit to the options available: skylights, smart mirrors, smart toilets, heated towel racks, the sky is the limit!

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