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Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Bowen Remodeling & Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

We have some great design tips for small bathrooms for you to peruse. The bottom line is small spaces can be a huge challenge!

Small bathrooms can present a unique challenge when it comes to design. However, with some strategic planning and creativity, even the tiniest of bathrooms can become a stylish and functional space. From flooring to wall color, mirrors to decorations, every element plays a crucial role in optimizing the experience of a small bathroom.

Choose the Right Flooring

When it comes to flooring in small bathrooms, opt for materials that visually expand the space. Light-colored tiles, such as white or light grey, can make the room feel more open and airy. Additionally, large-format tiles can create the illusion of a larger floor area by minimizing grout lines. Consider materials like ceramic or porcelain for their durability and water resistance, ensuring your flooring not only looks great but stands the test of time.

Play with Wall Color or Tile

The color of your bathroom walls or tiles can significantly impact the perceived size of the space. Light, neutral colors like soft beige, pale blue, or subtle shades of green can reflect light and make the room feel more spacious. If you prefer tiles over paint, consider using the same light-colored tiles on both the walls and floor to create a seamless look that visually expands the room. Alternatively, incorporating a single bold accent wall can add depth and personality without overwhelming the space.

Harness the Power of Mirrors

Mirrors are a small bathroom’s best friend when it comes to maximizing space and light. Installing a large mirror above the sink or vanity can instantly double the perceived size of the room by reflecting both natural and artificial light. Consider incorporating mirrored cabinets or mirrored tiles to further enhance the illusion of space while providing additional storage solutions. Just be sure to position mirrors strategically to capture the most light and visually open up the room.

Keep Decorations Simple and Functional

In a small bathroom, every piece of decor should serve a purpose without overcrowding the space. Opt for sleek, minimalist accessories like floating shelves or wall-mounted storage units to keep clutter at bay while adding visual interest. Choose functional items such as towel racks or soap dispensers in coordinating finishes to maintain a cohesive look throughout the room. Additionally, strategically placed plants or artwork can inject personality and warmth into the space without overwhelming it.

Embrace Vertical Space

When floor space is limited, don’t forget to utilize vertical space to your advantage. Install shelves or cabinets above the toilet or door to store towels, toiletries, and other essentials without sacrificing precious square footage. Consider tall, narrow storage solutions like corner shelving units or ladder shelves to maximize storage without taking up valuable floor space. By thinking vertically, you can effectively free up room for movement while still keeping everything you need within reach.

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