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Five Kitchen Faucets for a Perfect Fit in Your Kitchen

Read on to learn about five different types of kitchen faucets to help find that perfect fit for your kitchen.

Even the littlest ones in the house can learn how a kitchen works with ease thanks to a quality kitchen faucet.

A kitchen faucet and sink is often the first appliance used in the kitchen to start any meal. You’ll need it to wash out a pan, fill up a measuring cup, or get that water pasta-ready boiling on the stove. And before any of that, washing your hands to prepare to cook. Water is a staple in almost any dish so that any cook will use a faucet very regularly. Taps of the past tended to be rather bare-bones and not too significant. Today, kitchen faucets can easily be combined with a practical sink to not only make cooking more efficient but the set can become a centerpiece for your kitchen. Read on to learn about five different types of kitchen faucets to help find that perfect fit for your kitchen. 

Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets

A pull-out faucet is a horizontally shaped faucet where a user can pull the faucet head away from the stem. This is super useful for manual dishwashing. Pull-out kitchen faucets allow water to be moved around the sink basin very quickly to help clean the sink without much scrubbing. 


Pull-down faucets are almost identical to pull-out faucets. The only difference is that the faucet head is usually attached to a gooseneck-shaped spout, aiming it downwards. These are ideal for homes that want an elegant-looking sink but still maintaining all of the functionality of a pull-out faucet head. 


Gooseneck-shaped spouts usually accompany one-handled faucets. One-handle allows for water to easily shift between hot and cold without experimenting with two different handles. Additionally, these handles are perfect for those who have their hands full. Most one-handle faucets come with a large handle that can be moved just by a hand’s brush. These kitchen faucet handles are usually the easiest to repair since all of the plumbing is through one handle. 


If you are a bit of an old soul or prefer the old-fashioned way you’ve always known, two-handle sinks are perfect for you. You can individually adjust the water temperature via the hot and cold handles. Due to separate plumbing, hot water handles generally allow water to heat up faster for those cooks working on a time crunch. 

Touchless Faucets

Modern technology has developed very quickly over the last few decades. One beneficial design during that time was the invention of the touchless kitchen faucet. These faucets only require a hand tap or hovering underneath near a sensor to turn them on and off, instead of relying on time-consuming and often a bit dirty handles. But how do I get hot or cold water? Don’t worry. All touchless faucets come with a water adjustment handle to get that perfect temperature.

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