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6 Bathroom Design Don’ts From a Bathroom Designer

Here's a professional perspective on what's in and what's out from a well-seasoned bathroom designer.

Bathroom feeling drab and dated? Read this article to avoid the bathroom designer blues.

A well-versed bathroom designer has seen a lot of changes in style over the last few years. More and more people are no longer considering their bathrooms dirty and undesirable rooms of the house. Most people have come to realize that the bathroom is the most used room in the house, so why not make it nice? But, there are plenty of design no-nos out there that the average person may think are still trendy or hip. Here’s a professional perspective on what’s in and what’s out from a well-seasoned bathroom designer. 

Jetted Tubs are a Bathroom Designer No-no

Having a huge bathtub with jets emulating a hot tub was a household staple of the ’80s and ’90s. But, we have to remember that the ’80s and 90’s are now approaching 40 and 30 years ago. Most people have switched to larger, spa-like showers to take up the room in their bathrooms instead. If you still are a dedicated bath person, try installing a more compact clawfoot bath that isn’t limited to a whole corner of the room. 

Moroccan Tiling

Moroccan tiling is an intricate and bold tiling style. But from the perspective of a bathroom designer, it severely limits what other decorative choices can be used. Instead, try terra cotta tiling; it’s much more natural-looking and versatile suitable for any bathroom design. 

Floating Sinks

Floating sinks were still trendy up until a few years ago. They have been falling out of fashion as of late because they are just not as practical at keeping water in the basin due to strange water pressure configurations to make them work. Try a wall-mounted vanity sink instead to skip the splashing.

Hanging Chandeliers

Hanging chandeliers are undoubtedly beautiful, but is a bathroom really the best place for them? Chandeliers are a bit difficult to clean and are often missed during bathroom deep cleans. Try one in your kitchen instead for a much better impact. 

White Marble

White marble is classy and elegant but can seem kind of lazy in bathrooms. Bathrooms already usually have lots of white-colored elements because that is the nature of porcelain finishes. A bathroom designer will recommend breaking the color-monotony with some colorful bathroom cabinet countertop finishes. 

Carved Mirrors

Like mentioned earlier, everything in a bathroom should be easy and simple to clean. After all, a bathroom is a room that should be cleaned more than any other in the house. Carved mirrors are often a nightmare to clean since they include nooks-and-crannies or towel-snagging designs. Keep a simple square or sound shape mirror in the bathroom, and perhaps move carved mirrors to another part of the house. 

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