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Gray Inspired Modern Kitchen Design

Gray Inspired Modern Kitchen Design

Want to create an exciting modern kitchen design? Consider a gray color scheme!

Chances are the mention of the color gray (or grey, if you prefer) doesn’t spark much curiosity or interest at first. In fact, it may even sound kind of drab. Well, we’re here to tell you that gray is something to get excited about, especially when it comes to creating a beautiful modern kitchen design! Neither as stark as white or as bold as black, a gray color palette can look supremely chic and elegant in many of today’s homes. There are several different shades of gray, along with different patterns and textures to experiment with. This classic neutral color works perfectly in modern kitchen design but can have a timeless style as well. How can Bowen Remodeling help you design your modern kitchen?

Different Areas to Work With

Firstly, you need to realize there are so many areas of the kitchen to work with to craft a modern kitchen design featuring gray! You have cabinets, countertops, floors, walls, and appliances to coordinate the colors and textures of, not to mention all the details and decor you can use to complete the room. Today’s engineered-wood and wood treatments mean there are plenty of chic gray wood styles to choose from to cover your cabinets and floors. Stoney colors and materials like slate, ceramic, granite, marble, and concrete can lend anything from sophistication to industrial appeal to your kitchen counters, backsplash, floors.

Balanced Black and White

Gray modern kitchen designs are a perfect place to start to build the foundation of your kitchen style. Then, it’s very easy to find ways to mix in other colors and design elements to create a balanced and unique kitchen design. Gray looks beautiful when paired with white or black kitchen accents. It even looks fantastic paired with different shades of wood, from pale tan to deep brown.

Metal Accents

Play around with metal accents and the hardware around your gray kitchen design. Cool-toned metal finishes such as chrome, stainless steel, and brushed nickel complement the gray color scheme. However, warm-toned finishes, like gold, brass, bronze, and copper, can add interesting visual contrast.

Kitchen Lighting

Depending on how you like to emphasize the color scheme in your modern kitchen design, you can use cooler or warmer toned lights. Consider how the light will reflect off the different textures in your kitchen, as well as whether it will be comfortable on your eyes.

Note On Undertones

Keep in mind that not all grays will work together. Have you noticed how some grays seem just a little blue, and others have a sand, beige look to it? Different shades of gray have varying undertones, ranging from cool, neutral, to warm. If the undertones don’t match, you’ll find your gray kitchen design won’t come together quite as you had pictured it. Work with a professional kitchen designer to avoid running into this issue!

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