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How to Enlarge a Shower Without Expanding the Bathroom

bowen remodeling enlarge a shower

This bathroom removed their bathtub to make room to enlarge a shower.

A lot of master bathrooms built long ago were not created with modern bathroom design looks in mind. Architects and designers are not time travelers! In those days, bathrooms were designed to be of practical use only; to shower, bathe, and use the commode. But in 2021, homeowners want to make their master bathrooms special mini spas that they can relax and unwind in. Unfortunately, many houses back in the day were built with larger closets, garages, and rooms, causing the bathrooms to be kind of small and out of the way. The hope of having a nice, roomy shower might seem lost to a lot of small bathroom owners who may not have the budget to completely redo the walls and plumbing to expand. However, there are actually plenty of ways to enlarge a shower while in a small space. Here’s how!

Eliminate Unused Appliances

The number one most unused bathroom appliance in any bathroom is large soaking or jetted tubs. While these were super popular in the 70s and 80s, more and more people are opting to take showers instead. These tubs have a lot of room and appropriate plumbing that could easily become a perfect place to enlarge a shower. If your master bathroom lacks a corner jetted tub, a standard 60″ tub can also work since you can eliminate the unnecessary bathtub basin that takes up a lot of the room in the space. 

Consider a “Wet Room” Design

A wet room design is a wonderful way to enlarge a shower because, essentially, the whole bathroom becomes a shower. This means that the shower area is simply divided by a sliding door or stationary half wall or is not divided at all with no special distinguishing features. Drains are usually in the center of the room on a downwards incline so all water can collect there, similar to a storm drain. Wet rooms are great options for those with mobility issues or who require the use of wheelchairs since there are no hurdles or bumps one would need to go through to take a shower. They are also great options for those who have very small bathrooms and would like to enlarge a shower.

Tear Down a Closet

Do you feel like you really use your bathroom closet to its max potential, or do you prefer to use other storage options like sink or wall cabinets? If you don’t use your shower, knocking down the surrounding wall will be much less expensive than adding more space to enlarge a shower.

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