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A Kitchen Design Perfect for “Aging in Place”

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Getting older happens to all of us someday, so why not have a kitchen design that will eventually be elderly-friendly?

If you are the type of person who likes to think way ahead for the future, you probably realize that you and your family members are going to grow old someday. As you age, you slowly begin to lose many previously thought frivolous abilities, like stamina, strength, and balance. Therefore, many people, once they reach senior age, struggle with daily tasks due to living in a home that isn’t very “senior-friendly.” Then they are faced with an additional problem: if they should move to a more geriatric-oriented home for easier accessibility but lose their beloved home, they’ve lived in for years. A self-starter might try to avoid this eventual decision altogether by preparing for old age while they are young. This is a concept known as “aging in place,” or the intent to comfortably live in one home for all stages of life. Luckily, a kitchen design can be easily created for this mindset. Here is how to create a kitchen design that can be used pleasantly for many decades with minimal discomfort in older age. 

Make it Maneuverable

A kitchen design should be roomy and easy to access in all areas. You won’t want to have an area that would be considered cramped or hard to reach since, in older age, this increases the risk of injury or falls. Some suggestions on achieving this kitchen design are adding plenty of lighting sources, adding rounded, multileveled cabinets, and lowering the positioning of the wall shelves and cabinetry.

Invest in the Best Kitchen Design Technology

Kitchen design technology is always improving, but it’s always good to upgrade when aging in place appropriate technology is developed. When older, you will likely want to avoid as much laborious maintenance as possible, so choosing high-quality appliances is a great decision. Try touchless faucets, hand-free soap, and cleaner dispensers, and consider installing anti-scalding devices to best protect yourself and your family from burns. It’s also important to look at modern kitchen design trends in terms of appliance placement for seniors. Think about it– an inset-hanging microwave design is not recommended for seniors because it is harder to reach, and dropping the plate is much more likely when at higher heights. Consider adding space for an inset countertop microwave instead. This will allow for a lot more control once strength is lost in the future. 

Floor Design Counts Too

Rugs are a big no-no for any aging-in-place kitchen design since they can become snagged or slip, increasing the risk of falling. Try opting for a textured kitchen floor instead, like textured tiles or laminates.

Call Bowen Remodeling & Design

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