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How to Get a Bigger Shower Without Expanding Your Bathroom

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Creating a bigger shower without expanding your bathroom is tricky, but it can be done in some cases.

A master bathroom is a place of relaxation and sanctuary. At the end of a long day, it’s normal to want to come home, change out of your stuffy work clothes, and enjoy a hot shower or bath. When you’re dealing with a small and uncomfortable shower, it might not give you the level of relaxation you need to completely unwind at the end of a long day. You might have avoided the idea of designing a bigger shower because you assumed there were no viable options to make it work without expanding your bathroom, but you may find it possible after all. 

Switch to a Wet Room Design

Wet room bathrooms are designed to make efficient use of the allotted space by keeping the shower open both literally and visually. A wet room shower is usually kept either completely open or is denoted with a single narrow glass panel. If a tub is desired, it is often installed inside the shower area to save space and keep all bathing areas together. These showers are almost always curbless to maintain that seamless wet room aesthetic. A curbless wet room shower has the added benefit of being highly accessible for every family member and guest, regardless of any mobility limitations.

Shrink Other Furniture

If you want more space for your shower, one of the things you might want to consider is making other furniture aspects smaller and more compact. If you have extensive cabinetry, his and her sinks, a tub you’re no longer using, or anything else that is taking up a lot of space, minimizing or removing these aspects in favor of making room for a bigger shower is a viable potential solution. While you could move your toilet to another area of the bathroom in order to consolidate space, this is a massive undertaking since the plumbing would have to be adjusted. Shrinking a vanity or removing extra cabinetry is a simpler solution for getting a bigger shower.

Tear Down a Closet

This is kind of cheating since we’re mainly focusing on keeping the bathroom the same size, but if you don’t have any other options—tear down the wall between your bathroom and a closet and utilize that space to expand your shower. You don’t necessarily need to hijack the entire closet, but if it’s big enough that there’s more space than you need, it can be transformed into valuable shower real estate.

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