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4 of the Best Smart Kitchen Gadgets & Appliances

Bowen Remodeling & Design Smart Kitchen Gadgets & Appliances

There are a lot of options for smart kitchen gadgets and appliances these days, with more coming out each year.

The advent of smart technology can make our lives much easier. More and more of our home appliances are getting the smart technology treatment, giving us access to much of our lives through our phones. The kitchen is no exception—more smart kitchen gadgets and appliances are being developed and improved upon each year in an attempt to streamline our lives as much as possible. This is not an exhaustive list of what’s available, but a basic overview of some of the technologies currently available for the kitchen.


Refrigerators have been pioneers in the realm of smart kitchen appliances. They started with digital touchscreens and the ability to control basic functions through smart apps. Over the years, however, they have been developing at rapid speed for more and more functionality. Some of it is very useful, while some of it is superfluous at best.

Some useful functions include the ability to keep digital shopping lists on the refrigerator door screen that syncs to an app, and the ability to see inside of the fridge without ever opening it. This year, LG is releasing a “party fridge” that has light-up panels that can be synced to music. Light show, anyone?


Smart ovens are finally coming around the corner and making use of modern app-based technology. One of the best features of smart ovens is the ability to take pictures of the food inside and send them straight to your phone app. Even with their little windows, ovens have always been notoriously difficult to see into. This can make it harder to gauge when it’s time to check on your food, and opening the oven too early can be a death sentence for some dishes.

The fancier smart ovens can now also recognize some dishes and automatically recommend settings appropriate for what you’re cooking or baking.

Stand Mixers

Stand mixers are the quintessential kitchen gadget, and they haven’t had a facelift in a very long time. Well, that’s finally changed! Smart stand mixers have finally hit the market, and they have a built-in scale for perfect measurements without a lot of extra kerfuffle, as well as the ability to automatically sense whether something is done mixing or requires a little extra power. Guided recipes make this upgraded classic kitchen gadget even more effective end efficient.

Cutting Boards

A smart cutting board probably sounds like overkill, but hear me out. Multiple smart cutting boards have hit the market, and they are really interesting feats of kitchen gadget technology. One of these cutting boards has a long, removable screen that can stream cooking videos so you never miss a beat. The other board has a small corner screen attached to it that provides pertinent information while you slice up your food.

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