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How To Survive A Home Remodel With A Dog

How To Survive A Home Remodel With A Dog Bowen Remodeling

You can eliminate the risk of your dog getting in the way of the home remodel by keeping them in a crate.

The last thing you want to deal with when you’re going through a home remodel is your pet getting in the way or maybe being the cause of a home remodel delay. You should prioritize the safety of not only your pet but also the contracts working on your home remodel. With these valuable tips, you’ll be able to survive a home remodel with a pet.

Introduce Your Pet To Those Involved

If you have a friendly dog, you could introduce them to the contractors or anyone working on the home remodel by letting them sniff or simply letting them meet face to face. By allowing them to meet, your dog will get a whiff of their scents and voices, which may make the overall experience of the home remodel go smoothly.

Get A Crate

You can eliminate the risk of your dog getting in the way of the home remodel by keeping them in a crate. You can buy a crate that is comfortable and has a door that locks from the outside, so there’s no chance of your dog getting out unless someone manually opens the door. Even though this can be an inconvenience for your dog, it still beats out the dangers that could occur from them being unleashed in a construction environment. 

Go Outdoors During The Home Remodel

It’s essential to keep your pet outside, and by doing so, they can escape the loud noises that come associated with a home remodel. You can keep your pet busy by taking longer walks throughout your neighborhood or by taking them for drives in your car. Taking your dog to the park frequently, putting them in the backyard, etc., can help them stay out of the way during the home remodeling process.

Hire A Dog Sitter

You can hire a dog sitter to watch your dog during times of construction or a family member. Whichever you decide will be super beneficial for not only your dog but for the workers as well.

Remember that during a home remodel, you want to ensure everyone is around a stress-free zone.

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