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Options for an Accessible Bathroom Remodel

Bowen Remodeling Accessible Bathroom Remodel

You don’t have to move to enjoy an accessible space that benefits everyone. An accessible bathroom remodel can help your whole family live more comfortably.

Many people assume that accessibility requirements can only be achieved by moving to a different house with those options already available. However, this can be achieved by a little bit of smart planning and remodeling that can make life easier for anyone who needs extra help without sacrificing style and comfort for everyone else. An accessible bathroom remodel can make life better for everyone.

Walk-In Bathtub

A walk-in bathtub is an amazing and comfortable accessibility feature that can make anyone’s life a lot easier. These tubs are able to be entered from the side and offer a bench seat for the user to sit comfortably. These tubs also often come with jets, making them a relaxing place to have a bath and wind down after a long day.

Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers, like walk-in tubs, make it easy for everyone to get in and out without trouble. A bench can be added if necessary, making it a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to get rid of their shower but needs that accessibility. Showers can be easily customized with multiple shower heads as well, so they can be used by guests or occupants with varying degrees of ability.

ADA-Height Toilet

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been setting important accessibility standards since it was signed into law in 1990, more than three decades ago. One of these standards includes the height of an accessible toilet that allows everyone to use it comfortably and maintain their independence. The ADA standard height is 17”-19” and is an easy option to include in your bathroom remodel.

Sit-Down Vanity

Everyone needs access to a vanity, and sit-down vanities make it easier for everyone with varying degrees of ability. Those in wheelchairs can simply roll right up to them and go about their daily routine, from brushing their hair to applying their makeup. They don’t limit access because they can also support someone who is standing or have a dedicated chair where everyone can sit and use the vanity as needed.

Open Space

When getting caught up in furniture and cabinetry options, it can be easy to forget one of the most important aspects of an accessible bathroom remodel—space. Keeping an open area in the middle of the room is critical for anyone with a wheelchair or walker, for example. It creates an easy-to-navigate space that does not limit their movement, and they can easily access the tub, shower, or toilet without having to fight the layout of the room.

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