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Should You Have a Kitchen Island Prep Sink Installed?

Bowen Remodeling Kitchen Island Prep Sink

A kitchen island prep sink can make a big difference in the right home.

The kitchen is often a flurry of activity—whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or family members shuffling in and out looking for something to eat. It can sometimes be difficult to operate within this space with all of the distractions that are bound to happen while you attempt to cook your family a meal or get the dishes done. To that end, you might be looking for more efficient ways to utilize your kitchen and get the most out of the space. Enter—the island prep sink.


There are a few great reasons to consider investing in a kitchen island prep sink.

Double Duty

One of the great things about a kitchen island prep sink is that it keeps the main sink available, allowing the kitchen to do double duty. Have someone clean the dishes while another is cooking dinner, and be amazed at just how much more efficient your kitchen is.


With a prep sink at the edge of the kitchen, you can create a convenient place for people to get access to a sink without having to go in, preventing the issue of everyone becoming packed in and tripping over each other (especially during large gatherings). In addition, it can make cooking and cleanup much more efficient because the sink is built into the workspace.


There’s no doubt that prep sinks have their uses, but they have some drawbacks as well.

Less Workspace

The island prep sink is built right into the kitchen island, which takes away some of the countertop space that’s used for food prep. Carefully curating the size of the sink and the island it is built into can mitigate struggles with this, but ultimately that countertop space will always be missing.

Limited Use

The most obvious drawback, however, is that these sinks can end up having limited uses. It’s not the main sink, and in many cases, these sinks are significantly smaller than standard sinks to avoid taking up too much countertop space. As an addition that is mainly used for food prep or as a wet bar, these sinks have the potential to see minimal use.


Ultimately, whether you should install a kitchen island prep sink depends on your needs and kitchen design. It can greatly increase the efficiency of a kitchen that sees a lot of activity and use, but it can be an addition that doesn’t perform if it’s only needed in certain situations such as during parties and gatherings. It’s a good idea to discuss this option with your remodel contractor to get a second opinion on whether a kitchen island prep sink is right for you.

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