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Upgrade With These Smart Kitchen Appliances

Bowen Remodeling Smart Kitchen Appliances

Investing in smart kitchen appliances can make your time cooking and cleaning so much easier and more fun.

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, even more so for anyone who enjoys cooking or has a family to feed. Even if your kitchen has a good layout and flow, it can always be more efficient. For the easiest and most comfortable experience, the best investments can be found in the form of smart kitchen appliances. The integrated technology can allow for voice or app operation, with self-cleaning features and even streaming services to make the kitchen the best room in the house.

Smart Fridge

If you’ve ever been at the grocery when you realized you’re not sure if you have enough eggs, it can make you wish you had a way to check. Otherwise, you can buy more eggs and risk having too many or choose not to buy them and have to run to the store again if you needed them. Smart fridges have cameras that show you the inside of your fridge through a phone app, so you can check on how much food you have available at any time. In addition, they feature a Family Hub which is a screen on the front that can also be accessed through the phone app.

Smart Stove

Smart cooking is here and it’s amazing! A smart stove might sound like overkill, but these amazing appliances are wifi-enabled and capable of talking to your Alexa, Google, and Nest for a hassle-free cooking experience. You can also access the phone app to easily preheat and monitor your stove, as well as scan the barcode of any packaged foods to have your stove automatically adjust its settings. Once you’re all done cooking, the stove has a self-cleaning function with steam so you’ll never have to scrub buildup off of the inside.

Smart Range Hood

Step up your cooking game even more with a smart range hood. This amazing smart kitchen appliance has a large screen and dual-facing cameras—one that faces forward and one that faces the stovetop. Use recipe apps right on your hood to get step-by-step instructions for the meal you’re cooking, or enjoy your shows on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, or any other streaming services. You can even listen to your Spotify and enjoy some tunes while you’re cooking or cleaning. On top of all the great connectivity is a quality ventilation system to keep your kitchen smoke-free.

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