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4 Excellent Interior Remodeling Design Ideas

4 Excellent Interior Remodeling Design Ideas Bowen Remodeling

Remember that a well-organized space will feel less crowded because most things will have an area to live safely.

You see, one of the primary reasons people decide to remodel their space is a lack of space. Small living spaces can quickly become overrun by the things we accumulate, and it can be hard to live in such a situation. Interior remodeling is often the best solution – usually far better than the time-intensive and emotionally exhausting process of finding a new home. Not everyone can choose to remodel in a way that makes the space more significant, however, so sometimes it comes down to good design to make better use of the square footage available. Read on for some awesome design ideas to remodel your small space into something more usable.

Use The Space That Is There

There are many ways that most homeowners fail to use their existing space wisely:

  1. Room partitions take up space, so creating an open floor plan can increase your available square footage.
  2. Every room is three-dimensional, but most people don’t use their vertical space well. Design and build upwards, using all of that wall space to its fullest.
  3. More grandiose rooms, like cathedral ceilings, often feel bigger since the tight hole is less noticeable. 

Built-Ins Over Furniture

If the space is already cramped, adding furniture will only make it worse. Instead, incorporate built-in cabinets and shelves into your interior remodeling plan. That way, you get the storage space without sacrificing as much floor space.

Prioritize Organization

Remember that a well-organized space will feel less crowded because most things will have an area to live safely. This is the best way to cut out the clutter, and clutter is the fastest way to make a room feel small. Like corner cabinets in the kitchen, underused space is ripe for remodeling with an eye towards organization: perhaps a lazy Susan to make the backspace more accessible?

Maintain The Sense Of Scale

Remember that the fixtures that you add to the room will either diminish or accentuate the cramped feeling. An oversized light or chandelier will add to the crowded feeling of a small room. Similarly, large sinks or tubs that take up more floor space than they should contribute to a bathroom feeling small. 

Call Bowen Remodeling & Design

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