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What to Consider When Choosing Appliances for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Choosing the best kitchen appliances for your remodel requires some legwork and knowing what you want out of your new kitchen design.

A kitchen remodel is a big job, and many people update their appliances at the same time to get everything done at once and enjoy a completely new kitchen. This is a good way to do it because many kitchen appliances do not have standard sizes or functionality, so choosing new ones that will be worked into your kitchen remodel means you can almost guarantee that they’ll work in your space.


The most important aspect of any kitchen appliance is its functionality. This might seem like it’s not something you need to put too much thought into—stoves cook food, refrigerators chill food, and dishwashers wash dishes. Simple, right? Well, not really.

One of the more varied appliances, stoves, comes with cooktops and ovens of varying designs and functionality. Cooktops, for instance, can be gas, electric, or induction. You will need to know what kind of cooktop you plan to get before your remodel is completed because the kitchen’s design will need to be able to accommodate the one you choose. For example, gas cooktops have an open flame, so the kitchen design needs to account for the appropriate clearances you will need to comply with fire safety codes. If you are not changing the type of cooktop you have, this might not be as much of an issue.

Refrigerators come with all sorts of various options and functionality, from something as simple as an egg rack to something as complex as smart technology integration. You will need to determine what functionality is most important to you to help you decide which refrigerator is the best fit.

Dishwasher and microwaves have less variation, but it’s still important to consider your options and find the best fit for your space and lifestyle.


Size is more important for your remodeling team. If you will be purchasing new appliances to go in your kitchen after the remodel, you will need to have those appliances chosen and know their exact size as well as how they open and operate. The reason this is so important is that your contractors will need to make room for these appliances and create spaces where they fit snugly while still maintaining the appropriate clearances.

Knowing how big a refrigerator is, for example, is only half the battle. How large the doors are and how they open are also important. Even if your contractors leave enough room for the refrigerator, if it has swinging doors and is up against a wall, it might not open all the way or be easily accessible. This will lead to a lot of inconvenience, and you’ll be disappointed in the final result. When you’re making a large investment of time and money, it’s best to make sure everything will work the way you want it to.


Of course, the aesthetics of your appliances is also important. It’s nice to have everything from the same line to ensure they will all match, but this isn’t always possible. You can look for options that are all very close in design, or you can choose to mix and match a bit for a more interesting and varied look. The design will ultimately be determined by the design of your kitchen, which is the determining factor of what will look best in the space.

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