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4 Universal Tips For Any Bathroom Design

4 Universal Tips For Any Bathroom Design

These are four universal principles of excellent bathroom design that you can follow as you plan for your next bathroom renovation project.

Beautiful bathroom design can come in many variations. Depending on the homeowner and their vision, a bathroom can emanate elegance or impresses with timeless style. While some bathroom designs feature a marble vanity and others a tiled shower, there are some common factors in all great bathrooms. These are four universal principles of excellent bathroom design that you can follow as you plan for your next bathroom renovation project.

Leave Space for You

Even a spacious bathroom has limited floor space. A bathroom design needs to suit the given room dimensions and layout. Therefore, it’s not always possible, or even the best idea, to try to fit everything in the bathroom. Of course, you need to incorporate key fixtures like the sink, toilet, and a shower or tub in a full bathroom. However, you may need to reconsider if you need a separate shower and bathtub or a single sink instead of a double. Leave space for the fixtures, and be sure to leave enough room for you to move comfortably around the bathroom too.

Lighting Is Key

One of the most significant pitfalls of any bathroom design is failing to implement great lighting. Even a beautifully designed bathroom can fall flat if the lighting situation is less than spectacular. Fortunately, it’s not very difficult to achieve excellent lighting. If your bathroom has windows, you can already make use of natural sunlight. For windowless bathrooms or when you’re using the bathroom in the evenings, make sure you have a layered lighting design. That is, make sure there is light coming from a few different fixtures. Relying on only one light source casts unflattering lighting and creates distorting shadows.

Don’t Forget Bathroom Storage

If your bathroom design does not incorporate enough storage space, you could be setting yourself up for trouble. Too many toiletries strewn about or linens kept out is distracting. It’s best to make use of the sink vanity, bathroom cabinets, or even bathroom carts and shelves. Not only do these keep your items hidden but they can keep them organized.

Functionality is Foremost

All great bathroom designs will end up looking different from one another. It’s worth mentioning that no matter the style — from traditional to contemporary, luxurious to minimal, big or small bathrooms — all great bathroom designs put functionality first. The aesthetics should not make your bathroom a pain to use or cause accessibility issues. The perfect bathroom design that balances functionality with form will be different for each household. By hiring a professional bathroom remodeling contractor and designer, you can get closer to your dream bathroom.

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