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The Case for Getting Small Kitchen Renovations

The Case for Getting Small Kitchen Renovations

There are plenty of reasons why small kitchen renovations are the right step for many.

Despite what you would see on various reality shows, small homes are becoming more popular for the average American. Many over-the-top designers want you to envision a larger open kitchen with a fair amount of space that you might never make full use of. As such, homeowners are beginning to dive into small kitchen renovations and tossing out the other ideas. There are plenty of reasons why small kitchen renovations are the right step for many. Let’s examine a few of these reasons. 

Improve Practicality

Even though celebrities will often have large open kitchens that can be the size of your entire first floor, don’t let it fool you. The larger a kitchen is, the less practical for everyday use it could become. If your oven is on one side of a long countertop island, and your pantry on the other, imagine scurrying around the island to get something out of the pantry every time. Small kitchens can access most, if not all, of their amenities by simply taking a few steps or reaching over, not doing a lap of the entire room. While this may turn off some homeowners, small scale designs and small kitchen renovations are much easier to achieve than one might think. 

The smaller size limits the potential design options, which could eliminate difficult choices altogether. Constraints often help push our creativity to solve problems in awesome but unexpected ways. A smaller kitchen might pose some obstacles for your current use, so strategic renovations could address issues like appliance placement, lack of storage, or simply updating the interior style. Indeed, small kitchen renovations can help you make the most of your given kitchen space, and maybe even expand it.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the more obvious benefits of a small kitchen renovation and design is the lower cost. Overall costs for building, labor, and the materials will be much lower due to the smaller project scale. This can open up opportunities to splurge on high-end materials because now there is more room in the budget! DIY projects are always easier when they are on a smaller scale. However, it’s still immensely useful and more affordable to hire a professional kitchen designer and contractor to complete your small kitchen projects. Furthermore, even if the potential designs of a small kitchen are somewhat limited, nearly all homeowners eventually find the right fit for their budget and their home.

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