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Common Signs It’s Time for a Kitchen Renovation

bowen remodeling kitchen renovation

Kitchen making you feel bummed out whenever you’re in it? Maybe it’s time for a kitchen renovation.

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens. After all, humans usually eat two to three times a day, and that’s not even including the numerous snack and dessert breaks. Since kitchens are used so heavily, they are often one of the first areas of the home that will need a renovation. But, a kitchen renovation may seem a bit intimidating to some, so they may put it off for long periods of time. However, there comes the point where your kitchen may begin to exhibit some symptoms that just cannot be ignored, letting you know it’s time to do something about it. Here are a few common signs that it might be time to invest in a kitchen renovation. 

There’s Barely Any Storage Space

Kitchens back in the day were simply meant as a place to cook, eat, and clean. However, kitchens have changed a lot in the last few decades. Now a kitchen is more of a centerpiece to the house or a meeting and gathering space. Having a decorative kitchen design that is filled with beautiful embellishments is very important. But a lot of older kitchens just weren’t prepared for this change, forcing you to leave your unsightly cooking ware and even food outside on the countertops. Kitchen cabinetry has come a long way since their invention and now allow for more space-conserving methods than ever. They are a perfect part of any kitchen renovation. 

It’s Hard to Clean

The kitchen, along with the bathroom, must remain clean for everyone’s health and safety. But let’s face it– a lot of kitchens are such a pain to clean. Some older countertops, like wood or tile, wear out after a long period of use, becoming cracked or scratched. Cracks and scratches become almost impossible to clean and can quickly fill up with harmful bacteria and mold. Therefore, if you notice any cracks or scrapes on the counters, it’s probably a good time to consider a kitchen renovation. 

Appliances are Wearing Out

Every piece of technology has a life expectancy, and that is no different for kitchen appliances like ovens and refrigerators. If you notice that your oven isn’t getting hot as quickly as it used to, or your refrigerator is not as effective, that’s a tell-tale sign it’s time to make the upgrade. Of course, this would also be an ideal time to think about the kitchen as a whole since an entire kitchen renovation would be perfect when the two appliances are being replaced.

It’s Just Plain Ugly!

Lastly, do you look around your kitchen and go, “I really hate the way this looks,” or feel embarrassed to even have guests see it? If this thought has ever come into your mind, it’s time for a kitchen renovation!

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