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Five Bathroom Makeover Tips For Those On a Budget

bowen remodeling bathroom makeover

A bathroom makeover doesn’t necessarily have to put an iron hold on your wallet!

Every time you are in the bathroom, you look around and sigh. You want to have a more modern-looking bathroom look than you currently do, but you are so worried about having enough to pay for it. But did you know there are actually quite a few ways you can have bathroom makeup and stay within a budget? There are a lot of clever and money-smart ways to cut costly corners when it comes to a bathroom makeover. Here are five bright tips on how to design your bathroom makeover while on a budget– and staying in it. 

Pick a Focal Point

Is there something in your bathroom that really stands out but not in a good way? For example, is the toilet a strange color, the cabinets have worn down, or the sink cracked or dated looking? If so, why not start the bathroom makeover by removing the problematic fixture and replacing it? A bathroom makeover doesn’t necessarily have to be for the entire bathroom. Even replacing one appliance can make a world of difference in design

Choose A Fun Wallpaper

Most people in 2021 will say, “Wallpaper? That’s so dated.” But that’s really not true. Wallpaper has come a long way in design and quality over the last twenty years, and it has tons of different varieties perfect for any bathroom makeover. There are textured designs, solid colors, and even vintage-inspired patterns perfect for a farmhouse look. In fact, a great way to start a bathroom makeover is by choosing wallpaper with an appropriate color or design. Then, you can work to see what already works in your bathroom with it and what doesn’t.

Add A Wall Trim

Wall trim is a nice way to make the walls of your bathroom more visually appealing. And did you know it can also be practical? Try installing some towel hooks to the trim. They fit right in and eliminate the need to install another separate storage area for towels.

Change Up the Vanity

In older days, vanities and sinks took up most of the space in the bathroom. Inside the cabinets, there was often a ton of unnecessary plumbing stuff that took up so much room underneath. Nowadays, plumbing technology has come a long way to reduce unnecessary pipes and other stuff. Installing new sink basins and cabinets is a great way to change up the whole look of the bathroom without replacing the toilets, shower, or flooring. It’s a great way to give the room a more modern bathroom makeover by only changing one part!

Call Bowen Remodeling & Design

Are you ready to remodel your bathroom? The team at Bowen Remodeling & Design can help! We make your dream bathroom a reality with our simple, four-step bathroom remodeling process.

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