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How to Make Your Bathroom Remodel Family Friendly

bowen remodeling bathroom remodel

Keep your kids clean, safe, and happy with a family friendly bathroom remodel.

Unlike other areas of the home like the kitchen, a bathroom is used by any and all ages. Once toddlers reach school age, they will soon enough start taking showers, baths, and using the bathroom without assistance from their parents or guardians. However, kids are still learning how to take care of themselves, so it is important to make your bathroom remodel as accessible as possible for kids as well. Here are some ways you can make your bathroom remodel accessible to your little ones without sacrificing style.

Make Sure Safety is the Priority

Little kids, although they mean well, can often accidentally injure themselves, especially in a private environment like a bathroom with little supervision. Therefore, prioritizing safety in your bathroom model should be key for a family-friendly approach. Consider installing a walk-in or low-rise bathtub or shower basin that is easy for kids to access and decrease the risk of slips or falls. Another measure you can take in your bathroom remodel is choosing floor tiles that are naturally water absorbent and slip-resistant. After the remodel is completed, it’s best to use a bathroom rug and slip-resistant bath mat to further prevent any falls.

Make The Bathroom Kid Friendly

When planning a family-friendly bathroom remodel, remember that kids are on the shorter side. In some bathrooms, the dial to turn the shower on may be too high for a child to reach without using a step stool. A step stool is not safe to use inside of a bathtub or shower, so it’s advised to request to install the handling mechanism lower on the wall. Additionally, the showerhead can often be too high up for kids to use properly since the water pressure will be quite low by the time it makes it down to them. Try using a removable shower head and installing a notch at a lower level so kids can easily access the showerhead. When an adult wants to shower, they can simply move the showerhead to the higher notch. 

Build with Low Maintenance Bathroom Remodel Materials

We all know that kids have the tendency to be messy. You’ll probably find shampoo and other common bathroom concoctions in places they shouldn’t be. This means it’s especially important in any family-friendly bathroom remodel to choose materials that can be cleaned and sanitized easily. For example, use non-porous walls in your shower or bathing area that do not absorb any dirt or other materials.

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