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How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinetry

bowen remodeling kitchen cabinetry

Kitchen cabinetry is such a useful invention, and they deserve to be organized as well.

Let’s be real– it’s super easy for kitchens to become cluttered. There are so many gadgets that are used in a kitchen setting, like a blender, hand mixer, coffee maker, can opener, and many, many more. Unfortunately, a lot of these items are rather bulky and hard to store, forcing the interiors of your kitchen cabinetry to become a disorderly mess. And that’s not even including the hundreds of smaller kitchen tools like mixing spoons and cheese graters that will need to be stored away. So this begs the question– is it truly possible for the cooking enthusiast’s kitchen to not be a complete mess? The answer is thankfully yes. All you’ll have to do is consider some helpful organization add ons to your kitchen cabinetry. Below are a few examples of some additions you can make to your kitchen cabinetry, big and small, to keep your kitchen orderly and neat

Small Kitchen Cabinetry Drawer Organizers

Kitchen cabinetry drawers on the smaller side are perfect places to keep silverware, plates, and smaller kitchen utensils or tools. However, these drawers can quickly become very unorganized and cluttered since all of the small utensils might roll around and become cluttered. This can actually be dangerous, especially if you cook with a lot of knives. Luckily, there are inserts you can add to your kitchen cabinetry to prevent this problem. For example, consider adding a knife block drawer insert to your kitchen cabinetry. This add-on essentially adds a small, relatively flat knife block directly inside of a drawer to keep the knives sharp and the blades protected from unassuming human hands. Plus, it eliminates the need for a knife block to be visible on the kitchen counter. In a similar fashion, if you love to cook with lots of different spices and flavorings, try adding a spice rack insert to your kitchen drawers to store them in a convenient and organized location. 

Larger Kitchen Cabinetry

Larger drawers of kitchen cabinetry also usually fall victim to disorganization. This can lead to the unpleasant situation of digging through lots of potpourris to eventually find the pan or tool you need. Eliminate this problem by adding some additions to the cabinets, such as a pots and pans drawer. This add-on essentially adds small boxes inside of the cabinets that most pots and pans can easily slide into. That way, you won’t need to stack pots and pans anymore, which can be very time-consuming to find what you actually need in a pile. Lastly, a peg drawer, or sliding drawer with wooden pegs installed, can help keep your appliances in a secured place when opening and closing the drawer. 

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