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Preparing for Your Bathroom Renovation

bowen remodeling bathroom renovation

A gorgeous bathroom renovation could be yours with the proper preparations.

A bathroom is usually one of the most used rooms in any home. After all, it’s evolved into a very multipurpose room over the years. We all visit it multiple times a day for various reasons, such as washing ourselves, fetching some water, applying makeup, and so on and so forth. But a lot of bathroom designs are pretty boring or outdated in look. So, you are looking into getting a total bathroom renovation done in one or more of your bathrooms. However, before jumping straight into the remodeling, it’s important to thoroughly prepare for the process first. Here’s a guide on how to properly begin preparations for your bathroom renovation so your home will be left with a satisfying, beautiful result. 

Create a Bathroom Renovation Plan

There are three major factors you will need to consider for your bathroom renovation project. These include the overall layout, space planning, and budget. The layout of the bathroom is essentially the same thing as the floor plan. Is the current floor plan clunky and hard to navigate, meaning it will need replacement, or is it fine, but the appliances are just out of date? If you are planning on revising the layout of your bathroom, you’ll likely have to think about space planning as well since you don’t want any areas to be too cramped. Lastly, the most important pre-consideration is the budget. Setting a mostly firm budget from the beginning is very important, as this will help determine what kind of bathroom renovation processes can be done without overspending. 

Think About the Overall Design

After getting the logistical considerations out of the way, now it’s time for the fun part: brainstorming a design concept for your bathroom remodels. A great place to start is by thinking of a theme. For example, many people have nautical or tropical fish-themed bathrooms due to the presence of water. These also are a family-friendly approach since they are popular with kids. But there are also grown-up options as well. Minimalist, vintage, kitschy, and farmhouse are some of the more popular designs with a bit of a mature flair. If you aren’t too concerned with a design, you could also just match the look to the closest room in the house for a cohesive appearance. Making your bathroom renovation look new, clean, and streamlined is a great place to start for a satisfying bathroom experience years into the future.

Don’t Overestimate Cost of Bathroom Renovation

Lastly, make sure that all appliances, construction fees, and other expenses are within realistic reach in your budget. Once that’s confirmed, you are ready to go forward with your bathroom remodel!

Call Bowen Remodeling & Design

Are you ready to remodel your bathroom? The team at Bowen Remodeling & Design can help! We make your dream bathroom a reality with our simple, four-step bathroom remodeling process. 

Bowen Remodeling & Design specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Annapolis, Severna Park, Edgewater, Crownsville, Arnold, Millersville, Laurel, Odenton, Bowie, Clarksville, Columbia, Ellicott City, and surrounding areas!

As a family-owned and operated business, Bowen Remodeling commits to providing extraordinary home improvement services with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. For a free estimate, give us a call at 410-451-5928 and visit our showroom in Crofton, Maryland! For more information, follow Bowen Remodeling on Facebook and Twitter!

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