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Materials To Use in Your Bathroom Remodel

Materials To Use in Your Bathroom Remodel

Be sure you are using the best materials available in your project to make the most out of your next bathroom remodel!

A bathroom remodel looks at the sum of its parts. Be sure you are using the best materials available in your project to make the most out of your next bathroom remodel! Some bathroom materials may cost a higher premium than some budget-friendlier alternatives. It’s okay to pick and choose what parts of your bathroom will receive better treatment. Just keep in mind that each material choice is an investment back into how durable and timeless your bathroom remodel can be. Without further ado, check out these materials that would look wonderful in any new bathroom design!

High-Quality Bathroom Vanities

If there is one aspect of a bathroom remodel that you should invest in, it’s likely going to be the bathroom vanity. You want the cabinets to be made from high-quality MDF, solid wood, or furniture-grade plywood. That way, your precious cabinet doors are far less likely to be susceptible to water or moisture damage in the upcoming years. 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

When looking for a bathroom flooring option, you probably want to recreate the look of wood or stone floors. In that case, you can’t go wrong with luxury vinyl tiles or planks. Today’s engineered flooring is designed with waterproofing measures in mind. Luxury vinyl tiles can give homeowners more versatility in bathroom flooring choices than they realize.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles made our list for elegant flooring options too. Plus, porcelain tiles have been used in timeless bathroom designs for ages, and not just for tile flooring! The right finish of porcelain can be used on the walls, as a sink backsplash, and in the shower. Admittedly, porcelain tiles can be more expensive than other bathroom tiles, on top of extra installation costs. Still, this gorgeous material has a reputation for being long-lasting, as well as being stain and water-resistant.

Marble or Quartz Countertops

If there’s ever an opportunity to splurge on marble or quartz countertops, it’s probably for a bathroom remodel. These coveted countertop materials are well-known for their beauty and high-price tag to match. If you couldn’t quite bear to use it for your kitchen, now is your chance to use it in your bathroom, where the countertop space is much smaller.

Glass Shower Divider/Enclosure

Your full bathroom remodel may or may not have a bathtub, but it most certainly will have a shower. Instead of using shower curtains that can harbor mildew and aren’t very environmentally-friendly, go for glass shower dividers. Glass panels look minimal and elegant in any bathroom setting. They can make a modest-sized bathroom feel roomier. If you can, use a frameless enclosure to further the sense of a luxury spa shower.

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