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What Are Some Common Kitchen Countertop Installation Issues?

What Are Some Common Kitchen Countertop Installation Issues?

By working with an experienced kitchen remodeler, you mitigate the chances of encountering these kitchen countertop installation issues.

A kitchen countertop installation may be in your near future to accommodate a secondary sink or as part of upgrading your overall kitchen aesthetic. Kitchen countertop installation is a significant step in your kitchen renovation journey, so you need to be informed and prepared for what could potentially go wrong. Certainly, by working with an experienced kitchen remodeler, you mitigate the chances of encountering these kitchen countertop installation issues. Still, it’s helpful to know some common problems that could come up, and more importantly, how you can fix these issues.

Discovering a Crack in the Countertop

Upon inspection after the kitchen countertop installation, you may notice a crack in your granite slab. A crack can happen anywhere, but more often, these are found around the sink. Cracks can be both unsightly and unsanitary. If you know that the crack occurred during the course of installation, you can notify your remodeler or installer to remedy the problem. Some smaller cracks can happen even when the installation process was done as carefully as possible. Instead of replacing the counter again, you may want to look into products or another professional service to fill and fix small cracks. However, you do want to make sure that the break wasn’t caused by some other underlying kitchen issues, such as uneven cabinets or island base.

Mismatched Slabs

Some perimeter counters or large kitchen islands require more than one slab. After the slabs are installed, you notice there’s quite a glaring difference in one section from the other. Perhaps it’s a color difference, or the patterns look too disjointed. Again, the installer could help you correct the problem by removing one piece and replacing it with another slab that is a better match. Slabs that are sealed together should try to have a seamless appearance, although some homeowners prefer the look of mix-and-match countertops with a more intentional approach.

Disappointing Seam

Perhaps your kitchen countertop installation went smoothly, but you are nonetheless disappointed in the look of the seams on your counters. If it’s a matter of you weren’t expecting there to be seam as discussed with your remodeler, this can warrant a meeting with them to address this failed expectation. Seams can be more apparent when the countertops aren’t dark in color. You can make a seam less visible by stripping the old filler and sealant, then redoing it with an epoxy kit that will create a better blend between two sections of your countertops.

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